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The Products We Sell at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

Almost every emergency light Extreme Tactical Dynamics sells has multiple, pre-programmed flash patterns and pattern memory with your choice of color options.  Our lights can be permanently installed or quickly mounted and dismounted with suction cups or magnets. All of our exterior products are sealed with industrial-grade epoxy making them 100% waterproof, and almost every lens we sell is made of durable, shatterproof, crystal-clear polycarbonate that won’t fog up or yellow.

Many of our products come with an option of two types of lenses, so YOU choose which type of lens is right for you: a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens which has an optimal focusing mechanism that produces an intense beam of controlled light or a Linear 1 lens which produces a broader spread of light.

The engineering department at ETD keeps a keen eye on the market, always designing the most up-to-date products. It closely monitors the requests of our customers and often creates just the right emergency light to meet a special niche in the market.

Setting the Standard for Emergency Vehicle Lights.

Our emergency lights meet or exceed SAE J845 & J595 guidelines and California Title 13 Requirements. The Quality Control Department maintains and ensures the highest standards for our products which come with a Standard 2-Year Limited Industry Warranty.  ETD stands behind its products from start to finish, and our Specialized Customer Service Department will handle any problems or answer any questions you may have. We are here for You!

Besides selling emergency lights and accessories, we have a highly informative section called Knowledge Base on our site.  In it you will find all you need to know about State Laws Regarding Emergency Vehicle Lights, a comprehensive Installation Guide, and Customer Videos that our very satisfied clients have sent that proudly show off the installed lights that they’ve bought from us!

Extreme Tactical Dynamics considers it an honor and privilege to sell our products to the armed forces, our government agencies, and to the Police, Fire, and Emergency Units around our fact, to all the men and women who do difficult, often dangerous, jobs when helping and protecting the people of our United States. And it is for this reason that we always give our customers the Very Best-Made Products for the Lowest Possible Prices!

Proud to Serve All Those Who Serve Us So Well!
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