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For a motorcycle to be part of any law enforcement fleet, it needs to adhere to the basic principles of patrol cars. Honda understood this need and introduced the ST1300PA police motorcycle. The innovative bike meets and exceeds the need to be robust, lightweight, stealthy, and quick. Not only is the Honda police motorcycle all these things, but it’s reliable too. Everything car and off-road buyers have come to expect from Honda – they can expect from this brand’s line of police bikes.

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Honda Motorcycles are Fast and Powerful

Years ago, the only police bikes on the market were full-size, heavy-duty motorcycles. Today, motorcycles used by police have changed a great deal. Honda bikes are more compact, powerful, and deliver a better throttle response than their larger competitors. The ST1300PA from Honda uses a 1261cc DOHC 90-degree V-4 engine.

A shim-under-bucket valve actuation provides high RPM reliability, and a 3-position dual-density seat ensures any rider can ride comfortably. Once this powerful motorcycle is decked out in black and white, it’s recognized as a police vehicle. The only thing missing and arguably the most important is red and blue flashing police lights. Keep reading to find out what warning lights we suggest for Honda police motorcycles.

Honda Motorcycle Hideaways and Strobes

One of the most natural and most effective warning lights to add to a cop motorcycle is hideaways and strobes. Motorcycles benefit from the addition of LED strobes and hideaways because it doesn’t require any drilling in the bike’s body. Instead hideaway strobes can be installed in existing headlights and taillights. Hideaways are incredibly bright and will help a motor officer get the attention of others on the road or in the area at great distances. The more notice other drivers have of a motorcycle working in the area, the more time they have to adjust their driving to give the officer room on the road. A Motorcycle hideaway strobe light kit is also cost-effective and doesn't need much maintenance once installed.

Linear LED Motorcycle Surface Mount Lights

We’d also like to recommend surface mount lighting for motorcycle warning light set-ups. Most fleet managers will opt to upgrade to linear optics from TIR lenses because it delivers focused light output. Motorcycles, like the Honda model, are stealthy and slim, which means a concentrated beam of light from the surface mount LEDs is enough for 360-degree visibility. Like a patrol car, it’s best to install surface and grille lights on the front, back, and sides of a Honda motorcycle. In our online store, we offer square LED lights like the Undercover 6s and also round options such as the PAR 36mm.

Get Honda Motorcycle Lights at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

We’ve helped departments deck out everything from retired military equipment to ATVs. We understand the unique needs of motor officers in regards to a motorcycle’s emergency light set-up. Give us a call today and let us help you choose the right LED warning lights for all the vehicles in your fleet including your Honda motorcycles.

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