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Whether a police department buys a single motorcycle or a dozen, it’s vital to make the right choice. Fleet managers have to choose a machine that’s dependable, reliable, and affordable. BMW is known around the world for creating luxury sedans and SUVs. But, did you know they make police motorcycles too? It's true. BMW also sells motorcycles that are popular fleet vehicles for law enforcement all over the country. Find out why police drive BMW police motorcycles and how to deck them out in emergency lights here.

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BMWs are Fast, Powerful, and Ideal for Emergency Vehicle Upfits

For generations, the motorcycle of choice for police departments has been a Harley Davidson. But, when compared side to side, the BMW R 1200-RT-P is faster, more powerful, and uses less gas. The BMW is also easy to upfit as an emergency vehicle. The RT 1200-RT-P can accelerate from 0 to 20 MPH in 1.49 seconds, and has a top rate speed of 137 MPH. The clean look of BMW motorcycles offers plenty of room for surface mount light installation. The police version of these bikes is easy to wire up for lights and sirens too.

Installing LED Surface Mount Lights on BMW Police Motorcycles

A red and blue directional light is installed in the windshield of BMW motorcycles. The bikes are outfitted with backup lights and running lights too. But, you don’t have to stop there. We recommend adding surface mount lights to the sides of the motorcycles’ body, which will increase visibility when crossing intersections. We also recommend adding this type of LED lighting to the front and rear fender. In addition to surface mount lights, we recommend an LED traffic advisor for the rear of the bike.

Traffic Advisors for BMW Motorcycles

BMW motorcycles have a much sleeker look than other cop bikes on the road. The sleek profile is made better by a performance windshield and compact cargo area. While the design is proficient, it increases the need for more LED police lighting. It’s ideal to add a traffic advisor to the rear of this motorcycle type to ensure it can be seen from the front and back.When lights are activated on the front of the vehicle, it will help increase its visibility, but leaves the rear of the bike vulnerable to rear-end collisions. By adding LED emergency lights to both ends of the bike, the overall output is better, which gives drivers more time to make any corrections needed to avoid the area.

Order BMW Motorcycle Police Lights at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we understand the importance of police lighting to keep officers safer on the road. We’ve outfitted all kinds of police cars from traditional sedans to SUVs. Equipping a BMW motorcycle with LED police lights is a challenge because of the limited space. For that reason, you should call us today and let us use our expertise to help you find the perfect lighting solutions.

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