Harley Davidson XL 883 Motorcyle


Many police department are ditching their huge motorcycles and opting for sporty bikes instead. No matter what a riders’ style is, they trust Harley Davidson to provide them with a reliable ride. The XL 883 Sportster from Harley has a slim profile that will appeal to the modern rider. Even though it manages to weigh in quite a few pounds less than it's bulkier predecessors and the also popular Road King Police Motorcyle, The XL 883 remains a strong contender as a police pursuit vehicle, with plenty of storage options built in as well as numerous lighting options. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we can help you upfit the bike with LED police lights that will make your presence on the road more dominant than ever before.

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The XL 883 Sportster from Harley Offers Stealthy Rides

When decked out in white and black, the XL 883 is undeniably recognized as a police vehicle. As a popular favorite of state highway patrol motor officers, the XL 883 is also available in silver and chrome. Unlike other Harley Davidson police vehicles, the sportster doesn’t have a windshield and makes adding emergency vehicle lights a bit more challenging. One way to circumvent the challenge is to add surface mount lights and LED hideaway strobes.

Add LED Hideaway Strobes to the Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster

The easiest way to increase the Harley Sportster’s police presence on the street is to add bright white LED hideaway strobes. We recommend replacing the stock "wig-wag" style lighting in the headlights and tail lights with a hideaway strobe light kit instead. Installation is easy and the LED technology used to create this equipment makes it less prone to breakage and vibrations, along with being brighter as well.

Add LED Surface Mount Lights to the XL 883 Sportster

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase the Harley Davidson’s XL 883 police lighting is to add red, blue, and white color via surface mount LEDs. We offer a variety of surface LEDs that can be installed on the gas tank, fenders, and other flat surface areas of the bike’s body. One of our most popular motorcycle lights is the PAR36. We offer this circular light with SMDs or .5mms. The police sportster is wired for emergency lights straight from the factory line, so adding any of our lights to the existing wiring and control switches is easy.

Shop Extreme Tactical Dynamics for the Harley Davidson XL 883 Sportster LED Lights

We have a wide range of LED police lights for sale at Extreme Tactical Dynamics. Our motorcycle lighting options include surface mount lights, LED hideaways, and much more. Give us a call today and we’ll be glad to help you find options that meet your needs and your budget.

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