Chevrolet Caprice

Chevrolet Caprice Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

The Chevy Caprice isn’t known for its speed, but it’s still a favorite of agencies all over the world. The reason so many police add the Caprice to their fleet is because of comfort. The sedan features advanced technology and more safety features than any other in its class. Straight from the factory, the Caprice is ready for service. Today, the Caprice is still climbing the popularity ladder and might someday be the most common police vehicle on the road. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we know how to outfit this sedan at with some of the best pricing available.

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Police Tackle Pursuits Comfortably with the Chevy Caprice

As a GM fleet vehicle, the Caprice prides itself on being comfortable. The comfort makes it an excellent patrol vehicle. A powerful engine, heavy-duty tires, and aluminum frame ensure the sedan will give police what they need when they need to answer a call. Upping their ability to respond to calls fast is the use of emergency vehicle lights. Let us tell you more about the best-LED lights on the market now.

Chevy Caprice PPV LED Light Bar Options

The Chevy Caprice PPV needs a complete emergency vehicle light set-up. A good set-up isn’t complete without a low-profile light bar like our 48” Mirage or 912. A blue light bar is always popular, but we carry all other popular warning light colors as well. We also carry mini LED light bars that start at 12” with plenty of options up to our full-size warning lights. Our mini LED light bars use magnets to connect to the roof of a vehicle. In addition to light bars, we also recommend the Caprice be outfitted with an LED dash light.

LED Dash Lights for Chevy Caprice

In addition to a roof-mounted light bar, a car dash light can be installed in the interior of a Chevy Caprice. A dash light comes in handy when a fleet vehicle doesn’t always need emergency vehicle lights. If the car only needs courtesy lights to get somewhere fast, a dash light bar is an efficient option. Dash lights are popular with first responders because of the way they output warning lighting. When installed on a vehicle’s dash and activated, the light is easy to notice in vehicle’s rear-view and side-view mirrors. Whenever a first responder can get the attention of other drivers on the road quickly, it’s a win for everybody. If you are ready to order emergency vehicle lights for your Chevrolet Caprice, give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to talk to you about your options and help you choose the equipment that allows you to get the most visibility for your budget.

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