Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

In the spring of 2017, Chevy announced the Impala was joining the GM Authority Police Fleet. The highly regarded fleet already included the Tahoe, Silverado, and Caprice. The Impala joined Chevy’s proud line of police vehicles but was never intended to be a patrol vehicle. Instead, GM announced the Impala was the perfect sedan for government officials and administrators “to take on the town." It’s built with sturdy suspension and an aluminum frame and has the pick up you need to get somewhere quick. Although not often used as a patrol vehicle in the community, it is an excellent choice for undercover fleet vehicles. Here, we’ll go over the different options for upfitting this cruiser with police lights and sirens.

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Chevy Impala – Cop’s Classiest Cruiser

The Impala has the power to be considered a pursuit vehicle and the comfort officers would expect from a luxury sedan. There’s plenty of room in between the two bucket seats to install a police console, computer, radios, and switch boxes. The vinyl bench seat in the back would be perfect for prisoner transport and makes the vehicle easy to clean after each shift.

Chevy Impala Police Light Bar Choices

When ordering light bars for the Chevy Impala police vehicle, you need to pick between roof-top, visor, and mini options. Mini light bars are ideal for undercover cars and officials or administrators that may occasionally need to get to a scene quickly. A visor light bar can also be used for any instance. A permanently installed full-top light bar will be the best option if a department uses the vehicle as a patrol car.

Chevy Impala Dash Lights for Law Enforcement

If you don’t want your Chevy fleet vehicles, to be confused with a traditional police cruiser you can install an LED dash light. Police dash lights come in several sizes including very small like the LED dual or packed with power like our newest Ranger. A dash light can be hardwired to an existing switch and suction cup to the front windshield, or drivers can opt to only get the warning light out when needed. If the dash light isn’t used on a regular basis, drivers can use the plug-and-play adapter and store the equipment out of site when it isn’t needed. Get the most bang for your buck when you choose Chevy Impala police lights from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. We know the ins and outs of this favorite police car and can help you identify and select the best equipment options available.

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