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Chevrolet Silverado Police Lights

Not all police vehicles are equal. When you need a truck you can rely on when the going gets tough; you need a Chevy truck, specifically the Silverado. The Chevrolet line of fleet vehicles are quickly becoming the most well known in the industry, and the Chevy Silverado police truck is one of the best in the Special Service Vehicle (SSV) class. Like all Chevy police vehicles, the Silverado comes standard with safety and comfort features. This, combined with your choice of power, makes it one of the most popular police trucks on American roads.

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The Chevy Silverado is the Total Package for Police

Fleet managers can choose from 2WD or 4WD when ordering Chevy Silverados. In addition to selecting what type of power your heavy-duty truck needs, you can also pick between standard and short boxes. All police Silverados have an isolated battery, high-output alternator, surveillance calibration, and wiring provisions for emergency vehicle lights. Not only can the factory settings allow fleet managers to add lights, but it can easily handle sirens, speakers, and other police accessories. The foresight to add this equipment at the factory, makes it easy to install police lights and sirens as soon as it arrives. Here’s a selection of LED Emergency Lights, geared for this truck.

Outfit Your Chevy Silverado with LED Surface Mount Lights

The special service Chevy Silverado comes stock with dark tint on all windows. Our surface mount vehicle strobe lights are bright and will shine through dark tint. To make it easy to identify the Silverado on the road, we suggest adding surface and grille lights to your emergency light set-up. We recommend placing strobe lights on the bottom corners of the rear window, on the tailgate of the Silverado, and in the grille. To make accessing equipment in the box of the truck more comfortable, you can add LED surface mounts in the bed as well.

Chevy Silverado LED Light Bar Options

No police department Silverado should be on the roads without an LED light bar. A full-size light bar option is the best option. The cab design of the Silverado is perfect for installation of a 50 inch light bar. When the warning light is centered between the driver and passenger door, it will provide 360-degrees of illumination. Not only does a light bar make it easy for the truck to be seen and identified, it also allows first responders to work safer around the vehicle. The height of the Silverado gives it the ability to be seen at great distances; particularly when the truck is behind another car. If you don’t or can’t use a full-size LED light bar, a mini option may be a better alternative. Mini light bars with LED technology are perfect for police trucks because they are easy to use and can be powered with a simple on/off switch on the cigarette lighter plug adapter.

Shop Extreme Tactical Dynamics for Chevy Silverado Police Lighting

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we’ve worked with police departments all over the country for years. Many of these agencies use or have added the Chevy Silverado SSV to their fleet, which means we’ve outfitted dozens, if not hundreds, of police trucks with our LED warning lights. We can offer excellent options at affordable prices. Shop now to get the most affordable led police lights on the market.

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