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Dodge Charger Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

The Dodge Charger is a showstopper on the street. With a sleek body, attention-grabbing headlights, and tons of horsepower , it gets attention everywhere it goes. In 2014, the Charger took on a new role – as a police vehicle. Ever since its release, the Charger Pursuit has gained massive popularity. Departments of all sizes across the nation have added a Charger, or a dozen, to their fleets. Due to its growing popularity, we wanted to talk about the most popular emergency lights for this supercharged patrol car.

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The Dodge Charger is Taking Over the Police Car Market

The Charger’s power and look are driving its popularity in the police car market. The Pursuit vehicle includes remappable auxiliary buttons, Mopar upfit equipment , and 18-inch tires. With all these features, it’s no wonder departments all over the country are making the Charger their “go-to” vehicle. With a remappable steering wheel, it’s easy to add emergency vehicle lights and other equipment such as a siren, speaker, and other equipment. Check out some of our suggestions for the Dodge Charger below.

Visor Light Bars for an Undercover Police Car

The Dodge Charger is a popular undercover police car. When painted black with dark tint, it’s hard to tell if the vehicle belongs to an undercover police officer or a civilian. To make sure there isn’t any confusion when the time comes, you can add a covert light bar to the interior of the Charger. A visor light bar can be installed at the top of the windshield. The dark tint on the windows makes this LED police light almost impossible to recognize unless it’s turned on. When turned on, an LED visor light will shine through the window tint and get the attention of everyone around you. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we offer a variety of LED police visor lights. Some of our options can be installed on existing visors, and others attach with universal mounts. In addition to visor light bars, we also suggest installing interior and exterior light bars on the Charger.

Interior and Exterior Light Bars for the Dodge Charger

Even if your department is using its Chargers as undercover vehicles, you can outfit it with an LED light bar when you order a mini, magnetic version. Our mini light bars range from 12” to 30”. Our Mirage mini light bar series uses plug-and-play action, which means you can plug it in and throw it on the top of the Charger whenever needed. When not in use, you can store it in the vehicle’s uniquely configured trunk. If you’re outfitting a Charger to be a patrol car, you can still use a mini LED light bar, but we have tons of other impressive options too. On the interior, you can use an LED light stick such as one of our Lynx to light up the rear windshield. We have interior light bar options as short as 8” that allow you to install LED power, wherever you need better visibility. If you want a light bar with an optional directional arrow, you can browse our traffic advisor light bar options. We also offer full-size light bars that come equipped with bright takedowns, alley lights, and a built-in traffic advisor.

Shop for Dodge Charger Police Lighting at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

Let Extreme Tactical Dynamics help you fulfill your Dodge Charger emergency vehicle light needs. Our emergency lights are built tough and can handle anything your department may face. Whether it’s heavy tint, severe weather, or the occasional off-road pursuit, you can trust LED police lights from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. Call us today and let us help you save money without sacrificing quality.

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