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Ford Expedition Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

The Ford Expedition Special Services Vehicle, also known as the Ford Expedition SSV offers the same performance and power as the sedan version of this vehicle with more space. Even better, you get all the driver protection as the Interceptor Sedan without sacrificing performance to get special interior and cargo capabilities. Not only does this police SUV have increased interior space, but it also has a 9,000-lb. towing capacity and 4WD. A skid-plate fortification comes standard with this vehicle, which means it’s a best that you can throw anything at with confidence the vehicle will handle it. Here’s the LED police lights, we recommend for this great special service vehicle (SSV).

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The Ford Expedition SUV for Police is so Good Firemen Use It Too

Not only is the Ford Expedition SSV a popular police vehicle, but it’s a favorite of fire departments too. Fire captains and investigators often drive the Interceptor Utility to scenes. The increased cargo capacity and towing capabilities of the SUV make it easy to haul additional equipment, people, or even water and food for extended firefights. With such an important role in the communities it serves to protect, it’s vital your Expedition has appropriate police lighting such as a light bar, surface mount lights, and a traffic advisor. Keep reading to find out why each of these emergency vehicle lights are so important to an officer’s ability to serve and protect efficiently and fast.

Police Light Bars for the Ford Expedition

As a special service vehicle, the Ford Expedition has an important role on the roads. With that in mind, fleet managers need to equip it with the lights they need to commander the road when needed. One of the best ways to do that is to install a full-size LED light bar. Our 912 48” full size emergency LED light bar can be permanently installed on the roof of the SUV between the driver and passenger side of the truck.

If the Expedition is being used by police detectives for undercover detail, the vehicle can still used when needed. To do this, the vehicle can utilize a mini LED light bar. We have several mini police light bar options with magnetic mount feet that can be placed on the vehicle when needed and stored in the back of the SUV when not needed. The LED police light doesn’t require hardwiring to the vehicle’s electrical system. Instead, it comes with a plug-n-play option that allows it to be plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter.. A control switch is located on the adapter, so it only takes seconds to pop lights on or turn them off. The addition of a light bar increases authority on the road, and additional LED police lights, such as surface mount strobe lighting will increase visibility on the road.

Surface Mount LED Options for the Ford Expedition Police SUV

Ford has worked with police all over the world for 60 years. Through their experience working with first responders, they created the Expedition Special Services Vehicle to be a tool for officers rather than just a ride. The existing headlights and taillights are created with LED technology. The suspension is pursuit-rated and heavy-duty tires and rims let the Expedition dominate the road and go off-road when necessary. Police surface mount LED installation will make this police car even more noticeable on the road. We suggest using any of our LED surface mount lights to increase the visibility of this vehicle on the road. Ideas for police LED lights include the rear quarter, inside the liftgate, sideview mirrors, and the lift, right, and center of the back window. The windows of most Ford Expedition police SUVs are ordered with a smoky tint, which adds to their usage as an undercover vehicle. However, the LED technology used to increase surface mount lights will shine through the tint and conceal it when not in use.

LED Traffic Advisor Choices for the Ford Expedition Interceptor

The back window of the Ford Expedition features a stylish spoiler directly above it. The downward spoiler paired with smoky lenses allows for the installation of an LED traffic advisor at the top of window. If police would like the ability to use code lights and use a traffic advisor too, a dual color traffic advisor would provide them with that ability. With an LED dual color traffic advisor, police can toggle between red and blue flashing lights and an amber directional arrow. There are no cooldown periods between warning lights and directional arrows, so law enforcement can choose either option whenever it is needed.

Choose Extreme Tactical Dynamics for Police Ford Expedition Lighting

The Ford Expedition (SSV) makes its presence known on the road every time a police officer gets behind the wheel. With Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ LED police lighting, you can customize the Expedition to meet the unique needs of your department.

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