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Ford Explorer Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

The Ford Explorer has been a police utility vehicle for some time now. Equipped with the same 3.5 Liter Eco-Boost V6 powerplant as the Taurus Interceptor, the recently reworked Explorer Interceptor is set to become an even more common sight on America’s roads. Because of it's all around versaility, including lots of room for equipment, it's quickly become a favorite with K9 patrols, and tactical response units. With this in mind, we’ve put together a range of Emergency vehicle lights to complement Ford’s iconic workhorse.

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The Police Ford Explorer is Not Your Mother’s SUV

The Ford Explorer, part of the police Interceptor series, looks like any other in its class, at first glance. Yet, the police-edition Ford is not your mother’s SUV. It’s not the addition of LED lights that make it stand out from its civilian counterparts. Ford works with a board of 25 experts from the law enforcement community to create vehicles manufactured for police. The board changes every year, so Ford can update the needs of agencies all over the world. The Police Inceptor Explorer features an aggressive, six-speed transmission. It's aggressive nature means it's designed with a police pursuit in mind. An enhanced electrical system handles loads better than a traditional Explorer could. With more power, it can handle LED light bars, radios, and anything else you may want to add. It’s pre-wired with 50-amp circuits, 12-volt power points, and a 110-volt outlet. The electrical system means a technician can immediately start upfitting the SUV as soon as it arrives at the shop. One of the first LED warning lights we recommend adding to the Ford Explorer is an LED police light bar.

Ford Explorer Light Bar Options

The Ford Explorer is a big vehicle, which means you need a ton of police lights to make your presence known on the road. You need surface mounts around the entire SUV and need a light bar on the roof of the vehicle. Extreme Tactical Dynamics offers police light bar options you can afford. We recommend patrol vehicles and those used by the chief get fitted with a low-profile LED light bar like our Mirage 48”. It’s a permanent option that also has a traffic advisor built in too. For detective vehicles, inspectors, and liaisons, a magnet mount police light bar might be a better choice. We carry a variety of mini LED light bars ranging in size from 12” to 40”. Each of these options uses magnet mounts to stick to the roof of the vehicle. The emergency lights use a plug-and-play adapter, which means you can grab it, plug it in, and stick it on the roof. Next just drive and people will immediately yield to your truck. Paired with factory-installed emergency strobe lights in the spoiler, grille, and rear quarter windows, you’ll immediately be able to let everyone around you know that it’s time for you to work. If you’re not into a roof mounted light bar or a mini version, you can get many of the same benefits through the use of an LED dash light for police vehicles.

LED Dash Lights for the Ford Explorer

The interior of the Ford Explorer police vehicle is roomy. The cargo space is vast, which gives you a ton of options for lighting. Since all of our equipment is made with LED technology, you can add as many LED dash lights as you’d wish without worrying about making the interior of the SUV too hot for comfort. The enhanced electrical system also ensures you can do as you please without compromising the heavy-duty engine under the Explorer’s hood. We recommend police dash lights to agencies and departments all over the country because this equipment is so easy to use and store. But, none of that would matter if it didn’t get the attention of drivers and pedestrians in an area. Thanks to our innovative LEDs and high-quality designs, you can add any of our dash lights to your vehicles flash and watch as the red and blue flash gets people out of your way fast.

Get Ford Explorer LED Police Lights at Extreme Tactical Dynamics

Ford designed the Explorer Interceptor to be an intimidating force on the street. With the addition of our LED police lights, officers can patrol the streets of their community with the confidence that the lights on their vehicle won’t let them down when they need them the most.

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