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Many police departments have motorcycles in their fleet because they can access areas where traditional cars and trucks can’t go. Motors and motor officers, as their referred to around the station, are usually assigned escort and traffic duties. Safety concerns that apply to traditional motorcycle riders apply to police too. It’s safe to argue; the dangers motorcycle police face is higher because of their duties. One way agencies can protect their officers is by outfitting police motorcycles with high-quality LED lights.

However, due to the amount of equipment an officer must carry on the bike, areas, where LED warning lights can be added, is limited. With limited available space, it’s critical the right types of lights and the best technology are used. Choosing the right motorcycle LED police lights will allow officers to increase their visibility without sacrificing other needed equipment.

What Motorcycle are Used by Police?

Obviously, Harley Davidson tops the list of police agency motorcades, but there are quite a few others too. Out of the Harley Davidson line – the classic Road King is a popular favorite. Although a fleet of Harleys may be on the wish list of agencies around the world, there are many other great contenders including, BMW, BPR, Honda, Polaris, Ariel, Zero, and Kawasaki too. Below, we’ve come up with a list of LED warning light solutions for each bike manufacturer.

Harley Davidson Police Motorcycles

Harley Davidson has created police motorcycles for over a century. The longstanding relationship and impeccable reputation are why so many agencies all over the world turn to the legendary company when adding to their motorcade. With a Harley motor in their fleet, officers can rely on the quality, performance, reliability, spirit, and tradition the company offers all riders. The company even provides a US Law enforcement and Fire agency sale and leasing department, which makes it even more accessible and easy to access.

BMW Police Motorcycles

Luxury meets policing with the BMW police motorcycle series. The BMW R1200RT-P, for example, is as comfortable to ride like a Harley while offering the performance and quickness of a sports bike. BMWs are a popular choice for state highway patrol departments. With a maximum speed of 130 MPH, built-in Bluetooth, and already being pre-wired for emergency light installation, the motorcycles are almost ready to drive right away.

The Police Can-Am Spyder

BRP is most famous for the Can-Am Spyder, a three-wheel vehicle. BRP adapted their leisure model to accommodate law enforcement agencies, and it’s incredible. The police Can-Am Spyder has a low center of gravity, is almost impossible to tip over, and quickly gets the attention of other drivers on the road. Unlike some of the other police motorcycles mentioned here, the Can-Am Spyder has more body surface. The BRP police-version is pre-wired for traditional warning lights and offers many opportunities for custom installation on additional items such as led hideaway strobe lights too.

Honda Police Motorcycles

Honda is another motorcycle brand with a long history of performance and reliability, which makes it an excellent choice too. When compared to Harleys, the most significant difference is stealth. Bikes such as the Road King are a substantial presence on the road. Honda offers agencies bikes with a slimmer profile, which makes them stealthier. Not only is Honda known for its compact size. Honda motorcycle bikes are often quieter and deliver a smoother ride than its competitors.

Polaris Motorcycle Options for Police

When you first read Polaris, you probably thought we were going to tell you about snowmobiles, 4-wheelers, and UTVs. We could, but what is gaining in popularity on the police vehicle market is the Polaris Slingshot. Like the police Can-Am mentioned above, the Slingshot is a 3-wheel vehicle made to tackle harsh terrain and popular with tourist areas, beach communities, and much more. It’s fiberglass exterior, and powerful engine makes it easy to deck out with police surface mount lights, sirens, and any other equipment you might need as well.

Electric Motorcycles for Police by Zero

If you haven’t heard about Zero motorcycles yet, you might be surprised by what you hear. Zero is a popular choice for agencies adding vehicles to their fleet because they’re powered by electricity. Zero police bikes have more of a dirt bike look than a motorcycle but can benefit from the addition of LED surface mount lights to increase visibility.

Kawasaki Police Special

The Kawasaki Police Special is divided into four series to meet agency’s needs. All Kawasaki bikes are equipped with a windshield, footrests, and pursuit lights built in. The Kawasaki’s simple style makes it affordable for many departments and also lends itself well to upfitting with lights and sirens.

We carry specific police motorcycle warning lights. Check out our motorcycle lighting suggestions based on particular manufacturer makes and models. With the creation of these pages, we’ve made it easy to shop for LED police lights for your department’s motorcycle fleet.