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Hornet 12 Basic Wiring and Installation Instructions

For the best results, you need to have these professional grade LEDs installed by a certified emergency vehicle technician. If you have any questions about how to complete the Hornet 12 mount or wiring, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics.

Hornet 12 Mounting Tips

  • Choose a surface for Hornet 12 installation
  • Check for obstructions
  • Mark mounting holes
  • Drill through marked mounting holes
  • Drill centered hole for wires
  • De-burr holes to prevent wire damage during and after installation
  • Insert light
  • Secure light to surface of vehicle
  • Start wiring instructions

Hornet 12 Wiring Tips

  • Locate red and black wires in each Hornet 12 light
  • Connect the red wires of lights to a pre-existing switch box
  • Connect black wires to ground such as a negative battery terminal or chassis ground.
  • Cycle through flash patterns by tapping yellow wire to power wire for approx 1 second
  • Sync units by choosing steady burn pattern and connecting white wires.
  • Alternate lights by using the white wires for power.

Hornet 12 Wiring Troubleshooting Issues

If you have trouble wiring your Hornet 12 lights, you should contact us for further guidance. It is also important to note that most troubleshooting issues are eventually traced back to the wiring of the lights. To see if this is your issue, repeat the installation instructions above while paying special attention to your battery connections and wiring connections. Keep in mind that improper installation or wiring of this emergency vehicle light can void your manufacturer’s warranty, cause damage to the unit, or serious injury; including death.

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