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About Extreme Tactical Dynamics

We created Extreme Tactical Dynamics because there was a need for affordable emergency vehicle lights and accessories. When we entered the market, agencies, departments, and volunteers had a hard time accessing quality lights at low prices. Since 2005, we have worked hard to establish relationships with police, fire, and EMS all over the country, and to provide these first responders with affordable, high-quality options. Our success stems from our dedication to customers and helping people stay bright.

Meet Our Team

  • Chris - The Boss

    ChrisChris is the head honcho here. He oversees the day to day operations and has a passion for helping first responders who serve and protect communities across the country. He graduated from North Fort Myers High School, Edison State College, and the prestigious Sam Walton Business School. Chris started Extreme Tactical Dynamics in 2005 but has a long history in retail.

    In 1992, Chris was a cart pusher for Walmart and eventually worked his way up to a store manager in 2000; at the age of 25. During his career at Walmart, Chris mentored other employees who now run their own stores. He also received several awards such as; most improved store, Store of the Year (twice), and eventually promoted to Intern District Manager for the West Coast of Florida in 2005. Shortly after his promotion, Chris left Walmart to start his own business.

    In 2005, Chris was the recipient of the Jupiter, Florida Humanitarian of the Year Award for his efforts in providing hurricane relief after Hurricane Frances and Jean hit Palm Beach, Florida. In the same year, Chris also received an accommodation from Palm Beach County for his part in helping illiterate children gain the tools they needed to read.
    In addition to overseeing the operations of ETD, Chris also spends 25 to 30 hours a week volunteering in non-profit organizations that focus on children. Through the years, he has served on a handful of boards, and today he serves on a Florida non-profit board of directors that focuses on helping children develop a passion to play sports. When Chris isn't at work, you can usually catch him at a local soccer field either enjoying the game or working with the kids.

  • Thadra – Customer Service

    Thadra was the customer service representative at ETD in 2005. She handles customer service, billing and helps coordinate shipping. Thadra's dedicated to helping customers get the lights they want and need at affordable pricing. In her free time, Thadra loves to spend time with her daughter and husband.

  • William – Technical Support/Customer Service

    William handles website technical assistance, support, and customer service. William has been in web coding/design, server maintenance, and online support for over 15 years, so he has the skills to create a smooth online interface for our customers to shop and buy. He also enjoys the professional relationships he has developed by working with ETD customers over the years.

  • Tess – Customer Service

    Tess has been a member of our customer service team since 2012. She loves being able to help customers create their emergency vehicle light set-ups, and is always ready to answer questions and help solve issues. Tess also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was an instructor for two years.

  • John – Warehouse Manager

    John is our warehouse manager and joined the team in 2008. He oversees all of the incoming and outgoing shipments. John is a huge NASCAR fan and loves to spend time fishing on his boat.

  • Chase – Jack of All Trades

    Chase is a jack of all trades and helps wherever he is needed, including everything from shipping in the warehouse to customer service. He is the youngest member of our team and a senior in high school. When Chase graduates, he plans to attend Emry Riddle College for pilots.

  • Tawnya – Social Media Consultant/Content Creator

    Tawnya is our social media consultant and content creator. She has been on the team since 2013 and enjoys interacting with customers and answering questions. When she isn't creating content, she is usually sitting in the bleachers at her daughter's gymnastics meets.

    You can connect with Tawnya on any of our social media!