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About Extreme Tactical Dynamics

Extreme Tactical Dynamics was created to fill a void in the emergency vehicle light market. Before, we entered the market, it was difficult for departments, agencies, and individuals to purchase high-quality LED emergency lighting at affordable prices. Since our inception in 2006, it has been our business to provide firefighters, police officers, construction companies, EMTs, and many others with quality LED emergency lighting. When we began the company way back then, we were more of a “mom and pop” shop then the business we have become today. Part of the reason we have grown so much over the last eight years is because of the way we run our business. When you shop with Extreme Tactical Dynamics, you will find that our customers are our number one priority.

LED Technology has Grown and so has our Business

When we began selling high-quality affordable LEDs, LED emergency vehicle lights were just beginning to grow in popularity in the first responder and emergency responder communities. As LED technology has grown, so have we. Instead of handling a dozen or so orders a day, we are sometimes working with hundreds of orders in just a couple days. Whether we are busy or slow, you can expect to get your emergency lights in a timely fashion and won’t be disappointed with our products.

What Customers should Expect from Extreme Tactical Dynamics

We realize that we couldn’t be successful without our customers. For that reason, we strive to create relationships with each and every agency, department, or individual we deal with. When you choose us as your online retailer for emergency LED lights, you can expect excellent customer service, top-of-the-line products, a great value, and an industry leading warranty. Many of our competitors have tried to mimic or duplicate our warranty, but none of our competitor’s warranty lasts as long or is as easy to use and understand as ours.

No End in Sight for Extreme Tactical Dynamics or LED Emergency Vehicle Lights

Honestly, when we created Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we didn’t realize how much we would grow in such a short time. Often, we are asked what our vision for the company is and here is our answer “there is no end in sight.” As LED technology continues to become more popular and advances in technology are made, we will be here. We are committed to selling the best and newest technology at affordable prices. This means when new products, new designs, and innovative technologies are introduced, you can be sure to find these products in our online store.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics - Often Imitated, never Duplicated

As experts in the emergency vehicle light industry, we recognize that we are in a huge pool. With such low prices, we can always count on doing okay, but that isn’t what we want. We want to stand out, build trust with our customers, and continue to be a leader in the industry. To do this, we have chosen to make ourselves unique. Below, are five ways we are unique from our competitors.

  • Value
  • Customer Service
  • Industry Leading Warranty
  • Resources
  • Accessibility

Our emergency lights, sirens, accessories, and everything else in our inventory are priced to sell. We want the people who need this equipment, like you, to be able to access it at affordable prices. Our customer service team is ready and able to help with any issue you may have. In fact, you probably won’t find more knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives in the business. We also sell our LED products all over the world, which means it may be difficult for some customers to communicate with us during normal business hours. To mitigate this situation, we have loaded our website with resources that make it easy to shop our online store 24/7. In addition to our website, we are also very social. Right now, we are extremely active on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest too, which means you can reach us, learn more about our products, or just let us know how much you love our products whenever you want too.

Let us be your emergency vehicle light retailer and you will access high-quality LED emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and accessories that are backed by an industry leading warranty. In addition to our products, we also employ a team of professionals that work together to help you get the best for your buck. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we want to be more than your emergency vehicle light retailer, we want to partner with you to help keep the community you work in safer and easy to maneuver thanks to the LED lights on your emergency vehicle.