Tow Truck Fails Drivers that Should Have Called a Professional

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 26th 2019

Tow trucks are packed with specialized equipment that allows them to retrieve vehicles safely and efficiently. Everything from the boom on a truck to the led warning light bar plays an important role in the driver’s ability to retrieve a vehicle quickly and safely. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand how important a professional tow truck and driver expertise are and try to retrieve vehicles themselves. To help you understand why tow truck lights and specialized equipment are important, we have gathered some of the funniest tow truck fails below.

Thin Rope Can’t Replace the Expertise of a Tow Truck Driver

This retrieval would have went much smoother with the expertise of a tow truck driver. Not only did the people in this video not have the right gear to remove the stranded truck, but they also put lives at risk. When watching the video, it’s important to realize that a rope will never replace the chains and tools a tow truck has built into it.

Compilation of Towing Fails

Notice in this compilation of towing fails that there are no utility lights or proper tow truck equipment in use. Many of the towing fails featured in this video could be avoided if drivers hired a professional tow truck with proper towing gear and hazard lights. Not only is there a great chance of damage to the vehicles in this compilation from improper towing, but lives and injuries are at risk as well.

Tow Straps Can’t Replace Tow Truck Lights and Proper Towing Equipment

Too often people think they can tow a stuck vehicle by themselves, especially if they have tow straps. But, as you can see in this next video, inexperienced drivers can cause more damage by not calling the proper professional. Tow straps are a great thing to have for most people, but in the wrong hands, they are very dangerous.

Professional Tow Truck Retrievals

If the tow truck fails above don’t seem that bad, you need to know what a proper tow truck retrieval looks like.

As you can see in the video, a professional tow company has the best tow trucks on the market, uses tie down systems, and have trucks fitted with tow truck lights, and a tow truck light bar.

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