Tow Truck Lights

Tow Truck WreckerTow trucks are classified as semi-emergency vehicles because they move disabled, wrecked vehicles from roads and highways. They must be well lit and highly visible on the road in order to keep drivers safe while they are loading a vehicle. Wreckers are also used to tow illegally parked cars and trucks, but drivers are required to follow strict guidelines set up by municipalities before they transport a vehicle to be impounded.

Most tow trucks are privately owned, but often police departments and school districts with large fleets have their own. Extreme Tactical Dynamics has a full range of high-visibility, tow truck strobe lights at the very best prices, and we encourage comparison shopping because we know you’ll come back to us! We have just what you’ll need to keep you well-lit and safe on the road while making ready and securing a vehicle.

There are 5 basic types of tow truck systems for vehicle removal. The hydraulic flatbed is common today; a chain slowly pulls the vehicle up the slanted bed, then the bed is returned to the horizontal position. Lifting the front wheels is also an option, but there are fewer places to install emergency lights because most of the lift fits under the tires.  A hook and chain system uses chains attached to wheel mechanisms; then a boom is used to hoist a unit onto the truck bed. Powerful, steady-on spot lights are always needed to illuminate the work area no matter which system is used.

The Best Places to install Tow Truck Lights

tow-truck-equipment.jpgCabs, booms, truck beds, fenders, push bumpers, and grilles are perfect places to install emergency lights on tow trucks. Full 360° light bars like our 48" Full Size Linear Light Bar are a favorite tow truck light bar for many drivers because they flash in a full, far-reaching circle from the cab and can be seen for miles. High intensity, rapid-firing surface mount and grille lights will warn motorists to slow down and change lanes. Our 120 Watt Xenon Strobe Tube Kit  flashing from the head and tail lights will catch anyone’s attention! Whether you’re on a busy expressway or on a lonely road, day or night, it is imperative that tow trucks be well lit and highly visible because frequently there are no police cars, fire engines, or ambulances around flashing their warning lights; a tow truck is often the only ‘emergency’ vehicle on the road. It must be well seen! And, don’t forget, when you’re out there doing your job, there are state laws mandating how, what, when, and where tow truck lights can be used legally.

Tow Truck Light Regulations

If you are a licensed tow truck driver then you already know about the extensive regulations governing you and your operation, but if you’re on the fringe of this profession you might want to thoroughly read up on these. Each state has rigid guidelines for private tow truck operation from training, licensing, insurance, inspections, management, and use of lights. Always stay up-to-date or find out all you need to know by reading The Towing Administrative Rules  for your state.


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