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Customer Videos of LED Grille and Surface Mount Lights

If you want to have your emergency lights permanently mounted on your first-responder unit but don’t want them to be ostentatious, our Grille and Surface Mount Lights produce a whole lot of very bright light from a very small source.  In fact, our smallest is the Halo 3 at just 2½”, the largest the C-9 Reflex is just under 7”. These small lights go virtually unnoticed once installed and remain ‘hidden’ until turned on, so are perfect for undercover operations! They are hardwired to existing light setups and most often are mounted in grilles, or on push bumpers, running boards, and racks.  Most grille and surface lights are rectangular, but the PAR 36’s are round and fit in the place for fog lights. The E-24 is perfect for motorcycles or trikes, too, as shown in the video.  The C-9’s with a wide 180° lens can light up a whole street from side to side; other grille and surface mounts have either linear or TIR lenses. ETD has just the right ones for your vehicle, so browse through the videos that our customers sent in; they show how all three lenses shine from the surface of their vehicles.

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