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Ford F-150 Emergency Vehicle Lights and Sirens

In the spring of 2018, police departments all over the world will be able to add the first-ever pursuit-rated pick-up truck to their fleets. The 2018 Ford-F150 is built tough and designed for use by law enforcement. One of the unique features of this police car is that it wasn’t just intended to travel on pavement. Instead, it’s got the bones to go off road too. Ford added the company’s tried and tested off-road capabilities to ensure police could go wherever anybody else can also. Here’s a look at some of Extreme Tactical Dynamics’ police lights and sirens to upfit the F-150 for your department.

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Ford-Tough for Police Officers

Out of all the pursuit-rated police vehicles, the F-150 has the greatest torque and best horsepower. Under the hood, the engine delivers 375 horsepower and has an impressive 470-lbs of torque. As if that wasn’t enough, the auto company added a 10-speed transmission. With more power at their fingertips, police can maximize acceleration and performance as needed. Additional transmissions are available such as Snow/Wet, EcoSelect, Tow/Haul, and Sport. Now that we know what Ford’s bringing to the table, it’s time to tell you how we can help you outfit the truck to meet your agency’s needs.

Ford F-150 Police Truck Light Bar Options

The pumped-up 240-amp alternator allows you to install as many lights and electrical components as you need. Due to the height of the F-150, the first pieces of equipment that should be added are led light bars for trucks. We suggest using a full-size light bar, which is about 48” in length. Our Mirage and 912 light bar options both have low-profile designs and provide extreme visibility. Since the F-150 full-size truck is a heavy-duty vehicle, it’s usually outfitted with many emergency vehicle lights since it’s often driven in extreme weather, off-road, or in dark, remote areas. To help improve the trucks visibility, add grille and surface mount lights too.

Ford F-150 Police Pursuit Trucks Grille and Surface Mount Installation

When the F-150 hits the market, departments that have struggled with accessing specific locations are going to be in heaven. Sand, harsh terrain, ice, snow, you name it, and the F-150 will be able to deal with it. In addition to a LED light bar, we’d also like to suggest adding several grille and surface mount LEDs. A heavy-duty push bumper is attached to the front of the truck and deserves to be outfitted in at least six to eight LEDs, like our Undercover 8s. Two to four grille lights should be centered on the push bumper. It’s also helpful to add grille lights on all four corners of the bumper, and at least two LED lights to the sides of the push bumper. The 5-passenger pick-up truck can also use surface mounts on its rear quarter windows. Installed vertically or horizontally, the equipment helps increase intersection visibility. The back window of the truck gives upfitters tons of options regarding emergency lighting. One of the first things, we’d suggest is adding a traffic advisor to the rear window. Add additional LEDs at the bottom of the window on the exterior or interior. As upfitters make their way to the back of the pick-up, particular attention should be paid to the license plate area, bumper, and tailgate. The number of LEDs installed on the rear of the F-150 will vary from one department to the other.

Contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics Today to Outfit Your Ford F-150 Police Vehicle

When the Ford F-150 police truck is released in spring 2018, there’s going to be a huge rush to get these vehicles upftited and on the road as quickly as possible. Beat the rush by starting to think about what you want today. If you need help identifying LED police lights that will be best for your Ford F-150s – contact our team today. We’ll be happy to help you choose, identify, and buy the equipment you need to be seen when it matters the most.

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