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LED QuadLED Quad
Awesome light! Installed in my police cruiser which is a 07 Explorer. These lights have excellent brightness that goes right thru the window tint. Once the bad window is opened, you can hardly see because the lights are so bright. Excellent product and will continue to purchase from Extreme Tactical. Thank you! ...

Rated by Darrell

LED Dual LED Emergency LightLED Dual
have had this light for 3 years and still as bright as the day I took it out of the box!! I will be buying another light for my other POV's in the near future!!! ...

Rated by Bill

Deck 2 Dual LED Deck LightDeck 2 Dual
Really a nice set of lights! Even through dark tint works well. Would recconmened these to everyone and are good quality made lights. Will be buying more of these!Fast shipping and easy to work with.Thanks Gil ...

Rated by gilbert

Half Pint Deck LightHalf Pint Deck Light
these lights are amazing i put them on my atv and they work so good. I work for search and rescue and these definetly make my atv look realistic ...

Rated by Kawika

Undercover 8 Grille and Surface LED LightUndercover 8 Surface Mount
very bright. i ordered 2 sets in red and white. put one set in the grille of my truck and one set on the license plate. these things are so bright your eyes will start hurting if you stare at them ...

Rated by creg

E-24 Grille and Surface LED Strobe LightE-24 Grille & Surface Mount
great light. blinding at night. volunteer ff. got 2 red/white split for the sides of my truck. looks great. will be ordering more soon ...

Rated by Parker

Undercover 6 2.0 Grille LED LightsUndercover 6 Surface Mount
I've had these lights on my patrol car for about 6 months now, and they work great. You can't find a better deal, and these lights are just as good or better than any out there. ...

Rated by Mac

LED Stealth Commander Visor LightLED Stealth Commander Visor Light
I wanted to go with a slick top set up because I really didn't want a light bar on my truck. My friend got a light like it and I chose to go with it as well. I am very happy with it. Eye catching in the daytime and if you can't see me coming at night then you must be blind. Great light and great prices. ...

Rated by Kurt

LED Stealth 4 Visor Light BarLED Stealth 4 Visor Light Bar
Perfect light for the price. Awesome output. Great patterns. Love the option to change to traffic patterns or turn the warning off and use the takedowns as spot lights ...

Rated by Don

Eagle Eye Visor LightEagle Eye Visor Light
I received this light within 3 days of shipment and was so pleased with its performance; I had to write a review! This light is wonderful! Its bright, day or night. It moves vehicles over quickly. It has nice flash patterns along with the 3 LED Halo in the center to add the special 'attention grabber' and is also used as a nice dome light as well. Needless to say I was kinda worried about ordering from this site sense I hadn't ever before. BUT I will most defiantly be ordering from this site more often! Thank you "Extreme Tactical Dynamics"! -David K. ...

Rated by David

LED Stealth 6 Visor Light BarStealth 6 Visor Light
very bright light, great price, fast shipping. although mounting was litttle time consuming considering had to adjust the brackets all in all well worth the money ...

Rated by phillip

Chameleon 6 Dual Color Traffic AdvisorChameleon 6 Traffic Advisor
You can't beat the price on this bad boy that's for sure. For a dual color? I couldn't pass it up. I figured for $200 bucks it was worth a shot. The quality is good, and they included plenty of wiring to reach the front of the vehicle where I mounted the control box. Great find. ...

Rated by Roger

OKTAG Stick LED Traffic AdvisorOktag Stick
Love the Oktag Stick! I drive an expedition, and this mounted perfectly to the headliner in the rear. Easy to mount, easy to use. Worth every penny. Shipped fast too! Got it two days earlier than expected. ...

Rated by Sarah

Chameleon Traffic AdvisorChameleon Traffic Advisor
Pros: Everything! Cons: Nothing! What can I say really, this light has everything, built in directional traffic advisor, installed in the back window of my tow truck with no problems, and lets me do blue/amber to all amber in one system. Awesome and sturdy. Glad I bought it. ...

Rated by Kris

912 Full Size LED Light Bar912 Full Size Light Bar
I needed a light bar for my tow truck and this did it perfectly. Install was a perfect fit on my truck, I'm glad I bought it, and I will definitely be getting more lights here. ...

Rated by William

Full Size Light Bar with Linear 1 OpticsFull Size Light Bar
Slick, bright, was a breeze to install with minimal modifications. Heck yeah, I will definitely recommend! Can't beat the price either. ...

Rated by Dylan

LED Hideaway 9LED Hideaway 9
If you are looking for top of the line hide-away strobes, i would reccomend the LED hide-away 9. These little strobes are attention grabbers and are super bright. Thank you ETD, for helping me equip my car with my first responder needs. ...

Rated by Diane
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