Custom Emergency Light Bars

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Apr 16th 2020

Custom LED light bars are essential for your emergency vehicle. They have lots of purposes and can be used in many situations. While the uses are diverse, all light bars have one thing in common; they help keep the public safe and let you take control of a situation. 

Needless to say, we have plenty of custom emergency light bars for you to choose from. They can be altered to fit your specific emergency vehicle, and the color of the lights can also be selected. 

Always spend time researching the different products on offer before you choose an LED light bar for your vehicle. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular options on our site along with a brief description of how they can be used and how they will help you: 

Visor Light Bars

Our visor light bars are very popular amongst undercover emergency service professionals. They seamlessly mount onto your visors with custom brackets. Here, they stay hidden away until you turn them on. It’s very simple, and they’re available in a host of different colors.  

Mini Light Bars

A portable LED light bar option that’s tailormade for small vehicles. If you have an ATV, motorcycle, or any vehicle like this, then these mini light bars give you the emergency lighting you need. They attach to the front or back of your ride with ease, and we have them in amber, red, blue, white, and green. This means they’re suitable across all the emergency services.

Full Size LED Light Bars

If you have a police car, truck, ambulance, or any other emergency vehicle that needs a light bar on top of it, then our full-size light bars are the best product to choose. They can be customized to perfectly attach to the roof or your car and truck, providing you with eye-squinting lights then ensure everybody knows you’re coming and moves out of your way. They’re very resilient and made to stand up to the outdoor elements with ease. 

Interior/Exterior Light Bars

This range is ideal if you need emergency light bars that can be removed from your car instantly. Our interior/exterior light bars have the capabilities to fit on the outside of your vehicle and be moved inside as required. This makes them ideal for personal emergency vehicles or undercover professionals. 

Off-road Light Bars

We have durable and waterproof light bars that are specifically designed for off-road vehicles. If your job takes you off the beaten path and into dark and dangerous areas, then you need some off-road light bars to brighten the area. You can choose from lots of different sizes as these light bars can be customized for quadbikes, ATVs, or large trucks. 

Traffic Advisor Light Bars

This is a very specific product that’s typically used by the police force and other traffic authorities. With a traffic advisor light bar, you can direct traffic into the correct lanes and warn them of upcoming hazards. They can be bought in split colors or as one singular color depending on how you aim to use them. Also, they’re easy to mount onto vehicles or stationary objects - like traffic signs. 

LED Work & Scene Lighting

If you’re carrying out important work during the night time, then you need the appropriate LED lighting to keep the area safe and illuminate your work area. Our LED Work & Scene Lighting is perfect for this. They’re commonly used by traffic crews or any emergency service workers that are carrying out a rescue mission. They offer penetrating light that cuts through the darkness with ease. 

At Emergency Tactical Dynamics, we can help you find an LED light bar that suits your specific needs. Furthermore, we offer custom light bars that can be designed for whatever job you need to carry out. As you can see, our range of options is diverse. We offer lots of different light bar sizes, and the brackets and fixing accessories will ensure your light bar always fits perfectly to your vehicle. You get to choose what color (or colors) your light bar displays as well. We cater to all the different emergency and utility services, so there’s bound to be an option for you. 

If you’re keen to buy some custom emergency light bars, then we offer a couple of simple ways of finding the perfect product for you. Feel free to search through our entire catalog, or you can search for products by Profession or by Vehicle Type. This ensures you find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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