Little Truckie Fire Truck Bedroom Design

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jul 26th 2018

We love to watch emergency light demo videos! Today, we came across an unusual firefighter bedroom design video that was too cute not to share! Jacob is a little boy who loves firefighters! Like most parents, Jacob’s mom and dad wanted his bedroom to reflect the things he loves! He loves fire trucks and everything fire-related. His parents took his love of the brotherhood and created the coolest fire department-themed bedroom we have ever seen! Check out the video below!

Fire Truck Bed with Lights and Sirens

We’ve seen fire truck beds before, and we’re sure you have too! But no one has seen a fire truck bed as cool as this one! Not only does Jacob have working lights on his bed but he has a siren with multiple sounds too. Behind the cab of the truck is Jacob’s actual bed. It features steps for Jacob to climb in and red sheets to keep him comfortable.

Fire Truck Bedroom Décor

It’s hard not to focus on the bed in the video because it’s so cool, but take a look at the décor as well. Jacob’s creative dad designed the room to look just like his station. Behind the bed, you will see a brick wall with the words “Clermont Fire Department.” When mom, the videographer, backs up you can see the bed looks like it’s pulling out of the station.

Take a close look at Jacob too. He’s decked out in his firefighter costume. Mom and dad made sure his entire room is covered in fire department memorabilia. The room is complete with a fire hydrant lamp, American flag, fire department insignia, a Dalmatian statute, and a flat screen TV.

With a love of firefighting so deep, we are sure to see this little truckie in turnout gear someday!

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