Putting Together A Police Light Package

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Police officers are required to undertake a vast range of tasks, and this is why it’s beneficial to have access to a broad spectrum of emergency vehicle lights. No two days are the same when you’re a police officer or a volunteer, and you need to be ready to respond to whatever comes your way. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we pride ourselves on stocking a diverse range of lights to cater for all kinds of different scenarios. If you’re looking for lights for your police vehicle or you’re adding lights to a POV to offer volunteer support, here is a guide to putting together a police light package.

The Different Types of police lights

There is a huge range of lights available for police crews and departments. Often, the type of light you choose will depend on several factors, including where you’re working, the kind of job you’re doing and the type of vehicle you’re driving. By using a versatile collection of lights, you can ensure that you’re ready to tackle any scenario to the best of your ability in the safest way possible. Here are some lights commonly used to build a police light package:

Dual Color LED Grille and Surface Mount LightsGrille and surface mount lights

Grille and surface LED mount lights are a common feature of police vehicles. These lights have a dual function, as they can be used both to attract attention to the vehicle and to assist with undercover operations. If you’re driving a cruiser, for example, and you come across a stranded car, you could use surface and grille mounted lights to show other drivers that you’re parked up and encourage them to avoid the vehicle. On a different mission, you could use your lights to issue a warning at the last minute. If you’re pursuing a dangerous driver or you’re working undercover, for example, you don’t want your vehicle to be conspicuous. With grille and surface lights, you can remain incognito until you’re ready for action. You’ll have access to the light you need to operate safely and effectively, but the lights won’t be prominent. Grille and surface mount lights can be attached to grilles, roof racks and fenders. You can choose from different colors and flash patterns, and you can switch from one pattern to another to suit the scenario. You can also synchronize your lights with a siren if you need to turn heads at short notice. There is a wide range of grille and surface mount lights available. Choose from basic, small 9-watt lights or go for broke with more expensive, sophisticated 20-watt lights.

LED Police Light BarLED light bars

LED light bars serve many different purposes for police officers. You can use a light bar to direct and control traffic, manage crowds and warn motorists on the highways. Traffic advisor light bars are designed to give drivers advance warning of obstructions, collisions or lines of traffic, enabling them to adjust their position on the road and avoid certain areas. Conditions on the road can change very quickly, and light bars can be used to attract attention and inform drivers about what is going on. If you’re driving along and you spot flashing lights up ahead, you know to slow down, pay attention and look out for instructions. Traffic advisor light bars promote safety for both police officers and the general public. There are many different models available, and you can choose a product that suits the vehicle you drive and your budget. Color-changing light bars are a popular choice for traffic control.

Emergency light bars are not used solely for traffic management. They have additional uses and can be beneficial in a range of different environments. Police may use both full-size or a mini LED light bar to attract the attention of the public at events, to make the roads safe following a road traffic accident, or to provide light when working at night. If you’re assisting somebody who has fallen ill in the city or helping a driver who has become stranded at the side of the road, for example, a light bar will prove useful. Light bars make police vehicles instantly recognizable, but they also provide a huge amount of light, which makes it easier and safer to work in the dark. Light bars are robust, they’re resistant to changing weather conditions, and you can choose from different flash patterns and color options. You can also synchronize your strobe light bar with other lights and sirens when you need to move quickly and ensure that your vehicle is highly visible.

If you’re a volunteer, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a light bar, or you’re looking for something less visible than a full-size light bar, a mini light bar may be the ideal choice for you. These light bars provide a lot of light, but they’re less conspicuous, they cost less, and you can remove them very easily when you’ve finished work.

Hideaway Strobe Lights

Hideaway strobe lights

Police work often involves going undercover. Whether you’re taking part in a sting operation or you’re in pursuit of a driver who shouldn’t be on the road, you don’t want to draw attention to your vehicle until you absolutely have to. This is where hideaway strobe lights come in handy. If you’re trying to remain incognito, hideaway lights are an excellent choice. They’re virtually impossible for others to spot, but they give you access to light if you need it. You can turn your car from a normal, everyday vehicle into a first response wagon that is ready and raring to go in a matter of seconds. Hideaway strobe lights are often fitted in tail lights or headlights, and they’re ideal for officers who don’t want to be seen.

Visor lights

Blaze Core LED Visor Light Bar

Visor light bar are another fantastic choice for police officers who work undercover. With visor lights, you have access to bright light and multiple flash patterns, but the light won’t be visible to motorists or pedestrians. Visor lights can be plugged into the cigarette lighter, and they’re attached using visor straps. They are incredibly easy to use and it takes seconds to either install or remove the light. Visor lights give you flexibility and they’re suited to a wide range of tasks. You can use visor lights to undertake secret patrols, but you can also flick a switch and enjoy powerful lighting if you do want or need to attract attention to your car. There is an array of visor lights available, and you can choose from different colors, power options and sizes.

Deck and dash lights

Fox Trot 16 Police LED Dash Light

Deck and dash lights are portable, versatile lights, which are often used by volunteers. You can pop them on and off to take you from off-duty to work mode almost instantly, and you can customize the settings to choose color options and flash patterns.

It’s often possible to synchronize different types of lights and sirens, and many lights come with the option to customize the controls. This means that you can set your vehicle up in the way you want, take advantage of different programs and ensure that you have the capability to respond to different jobs.

Which lights are best for me?

When you’re putting together a police light package, it’s wise to consider where you’ll be working, what kinds of jobs you do on a daily basis and how much you want to spend. If you’re a full-time police officer who spends most of your time out on the highways directing traffic and attending accidents, you’ll probably need a different package to a volunteer or an officer who works covertly. The aim of the game on the roads is to ensure that everybody is safe, and this often means using bright lights provided by light bars and deck and dash lights to flood an area and encourage motorists to stay well clear of a stranded or damaged vehicle or debris in the road. In contrast, an officer working undercover will not want to use lights to draw attention to the car, and discreet options like hideaway strobe lights and visor emergency lights, are better options. Once you know what kinds of lights you’re looking for, you can compare models and prices and build a package that is tailored to your vehicle. If you need any help or advice, the ETD team will be happy to help. Our experienced advisors will be able to make recommendations based on your individual requirements and preferences, and trust that there is plenty of police car lighting at Extreme Tactical Dynamics!

Police vehicles are often adorned with different types of emergency vehicle lights and if you open the trunk or check the dash, you might also find additional lights that are used for different situations and scenarios. Light bars are commonly fitted to patrol and traffic vehicles that need to attract attention, but there are also lights available for those who wish to remain incognito. When choosing police lights, it’s essential to consider the nature of the work you undertake and the hours you work. This will help you determine which types of light are best for you and enable you to put together a police light package with a police siren that will enable you to do the best job possible.

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