What is the best size light bar for my emergency vehicle?

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jan 16th 2020

If you drive an emergency vehicle, then you must ensure it’s fully-equipped with all the right features. Naturally, you’ve got lots of concerns, but one of the critical questions revolves around the emergency vehicle lights. 

In this post, we’re going to look at the various LED emergency light bars at your disposal. The type of vehicle you own will determine what sized lights you need. This can all be a bit confusing, so allow us to explain the main considerations before making your purchase. 

Full-Size LED Light Bar

A full-size led light bar will stretch along the top of your emergency vehicle. The nature of this lighting means that it only suits relatively large cars. For example, it would be ideally suited to police cars, security cars, or trucks. 

If you have a smaller vehicle - like an ATV or a motorcycle - then the full-size led warning light bar is simply too big for you. It won’t be able to fit onto anything, so you’ll waste your money. 

Furthermore, these LED emergency lights are designed to make a statement. If you need something that will shine brightly through the darkness, then a full-size light bar is the best choice for you. Our products still come with multiple flashing options, but this particular lighting is usually used to create an intense and almost blinding light. 

Therefore, it’s the perfect choice if you need to create a roadblock or are maybe providing security at an event/specific location. It’s an excellent choice for emergency vehicles that remain parked a lot of the time. You wouldn’t really want to drive down the road with this colossal light flashing away!

Mini LED Light Bar

Next, we have a smaller version that can be used in so many different vehicles. Mini light bars come in lots of different sizes and shapes. As such, you can find one that fits your vehicle perfectly. 

Typically, this type of emergency vehicle lighting goes on the exterior of your vehicle. Again, cars and trucks will have no problems using this product. But, loads of other vehicle types will benefit from a mini light bar as well. It’s small enough to fit on ATVs, motorcycles, scooters, tiny cars, and so on. 

A smaller mini led light bar like this is also more discrete than a full-size one. Therefore, it’s something you can use for multiple purposes. If you usually take your emergency vehicle out on patrols, then you can use mini LED strobe lights to notify people of your intentions if you need to stop or chase another vehicle. At the same time, they can be used with a constant beam of light - which is useful if you’re looking to raise awareness or light up a specific area while operating your vehicle. 

Of course, we have different sizing options available for you to look at as well. We genuinely believe that our mini light bars are the best option for vehicles that don’t have much mounting space. If you need emergency lighting on the exterior of your vehicle, but there’s hardly any space, then we have mini options as small as 9 inches!

Visor Light Bar

Alongside these two external lighting options, we also have LED strobe lights and light bars that can be fitted inside your vehicle. 

With visor lights, you’ve got something that’s hard for anyone to notice. For that reason, it’s specifically designed for emergency vehicles that often need to go undercover. If you don’t want people to notice your vehicle, then it’s a bit hard to drive around with light bars attached to it. You need to go under the radar, and that’s where these light bars come in. 

However, don’t be fooled by the smallness. These led visor lights still have an impressive light output that can be very intense. They also possess numerous flashing options, making it easy for you to choose the different flashing patterns for different scenarios. Another benefit is that they’re effortless to install and can be attached to the visors in your emergency vehicle. 

Our customers have found so many uses for emergency vehicle lighting like this. As we said, plenty of people use them for undercover work. But, they’re also suitable for individuals who use their own personal car as an emergency vehicle. For example, imagine you run a personal security or private detective agency. You may use your regular car to get around and carry out your work. Thus, you wouldn’t want a light bar on the top all the time. Here, a visor light bar works perfectly. People have also used them for traffic control, private ambulances, and much more. 

One other reason to consider this option is that you may lack any mounting space on your vehicle. For whatever reason, you just can’t find anywhere to mount emergency lighting on the roof or rear of your vehicle. You can’t go around without any lighting, so the best choice is to mount it on the inside instead. 

How Do You Choose The Best Size Light Bar?

After reading all of this, you know the options available. Now, it’s a case of figuring out what size suits you better than others. For us, it comes down to some key questions: 

    How much mounting space do you have?
  • How big is your vehicle - is it a car/van/SUV, or is it smaller?
  • What do you need your emergency vehicle lighting for?

Effectively, by answering these questions, you slowly figure out what light bar is best. In general, the full-size light bars are only suitable for larger vehicles with ample mounting space on the roof. They work well in different situations, but they’re best used as warning lights or for added security when the vehicle is parked. 

Mini light bars are excellent for vehicles that lack mounting space on the outside. This includes motorcycles, ATVs, even buggies! 

Lastly, the led visor light bar is perfect for people that want something they can hide away. Sometimes, you can get this lighting alongside another light bar as well. 

Why Does Your Emergency Vehicle Need A Light Bar?

It’s simple - you need to differentiate your vehicle from others on the road. You have to let people know that you’re part of the emergency services and have some sort of authority. Light bars raise awareness in dangerous situations as well. If there’s a traffic incident, then your light bar can make cars slow down and be aware of the scenario. They offer added security for events, and emergency lighting lets people know you’re in a hurry. So, cars can slow down or pull over if you’re speeding away to a location and need to get there as fast as you can. 

Basically, if you didn’t have any emergency lighting, then you’d struggle to do your job. Whether you do this for a living, or it’s something you do on the side, you need to kit your vehicle out with the best emergency lights around. 

So, to round everything up, spend time looking at your vehicle and deducing what type of light bar you need. Read over all of the information we’ve provided, and it will help you come to your decision. All of our emergency light bar options are fantastic. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Each one comes with impressive light output, as well as various flashing patterns. 

If you’re interested in making a purchase, then check out our full online catalog today. From there, you can see the different sizes and shapes, then order your new light bar right away.

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