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ET-14 TIR LED Dash and Deck Light Wiring and Installation Guide

ET-14 Wiring and Installation

The ET-14 interior dash light is a professional grade light from Extreme Tactical Dynamics that is designed to be installed horizontally.  Since the functionality of this dash light and your manufacturer’s warranty depend on proper installation and wiring, we recommend the ET-14 dash light be installed by a certified EVT. EVTs have a good understanding of automotive electrical procedures and are proficient in emergency vehicle light installation and service of safety equipment.

Installation and Wiring Tips

  • Always refer to your vehicle’s service manuals before installing warning lights and accessories
  • Never install warning lights or wires in the path of airbag deployment
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in front of or behind an area before you drill
  • For proper installation, a separate ground connection must be made
  • Mount the light control in an area that is easily accessed by the driver under any driving conditions
  • Frequently inspect the light to make sure it is mounted securely to the vehicle and in good working order
  • Light contains high-intensity LEDs (do not stare directly into them)
  • Test the light before and after installation and wiring to ensure it is working properly
  • If a seat is removed during the installation process, check to make sure it does not need recalibrated to ensure proper airbag deployment
  • Print and file these instructions for future use
  • Failure to follow safety precautions and proper instructions could result in damage to property, injury, or even death

ET-14 Mounting Instructions

  • Step 1: Install suction cups in ET-14 suction cup brackets
  • Step 2: Clean area where ET-14 will attach to vehicle
  • Step 3: Wet suction cups for a tight seal
  • Step 4: Attach with suction cups to proper location
  • Step 5: Make sure light is level
  • Step 7: Prepare to power dash light

ET-14 Wiring and Cigarette Lighter Plug Instructions

The ET-14 dash light comes with a cigarette lighter plug for plug-and-play action. If you rather wire the emergency light to a switch box, you can do that by following the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Remove cigarette lighter plug
  • Step 2: Locate red and black wires (red is + wire, black is – wire)
  • Step 3: Attach red wire to switch box
  • Step 4: Attach black wire to negative battery terminal or chassis ground
  • Step 5: Power light on

If you have any issues with mounting or wiring the ET-14 emergency light, we recommend repeating the steps above. Since the majority of troubleshooting issues are wiring or connection-related, we also recommend inspecting wires and connections carefully.

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