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ET-7 TIR LED Dash Light Wiring and Installation Guide

ET-7 LED Dash Light Installation

The ET-7 LED Dash Light

The ET-7 LED dash light can be hardwired or used with a cigarette lighter plug. To make installation as easy as possible, we have created simple instructions for both. If you have any questions about the ET7 dash light or installation, please feel free to contact our support staff with your questions. The ET-7 is designed for install on the interior of your vehicle only, and can be installed on either the front dash or rear deck, with most installations being on the front windshield.

Important Information About ET-7 Dash Light Installation

Here are a few tips to help you install your ET-7 dash light quickly. First, this dash light can be installed with or without a cigarette lighter plug. Before you begin to install the LED light, you will need to decide if you will power it via the attached adapter or hardwire it to pre-existing switch.

Test ET-7 LED Dash Light Before Installation

Before you permanently or temporarily install the ET-7 LED dash light, you need to test the unit for performance. Making sure the light is working properly before you install it helps to avoid troubleshooting issues in the future.

ET-7 Cigarette Lighter PlugET-7 LED Dash Light Cigarette Lighter Plug Installation

  1. Plug unit’s cigarette lighter plug into vehicle’s adapter
  2. Locate on/off switch on cigarette lighter plug
  3. Add suction cup bracket
  4. Install light in interior windshield
  5. Organize to prevent obstruction in the future
  6. Turn light on and off via switch

ET-7 LED Dash Light Hard wire Installation

  1. Remove cigarette lighter plug (ask a professional, if you are not sure how to do this)
  2. Expose red and black wires (black is ground, red is hot)
  3. Run black wire to negative terminal on your battery or a chassis ground
  4. Install red to switch source
  5. Add suction cups
  6. Install

Troubleshooting Tips

If you complete the steps above and still have issues getting the unit to operate, repeat the steps listed above. If you still have installation issues after repeating the steps above, please contact our customer service department for technical assistance.

Extreme Tactical Dynamics highly recommends the ET-7 dash light be installed by an EVT (emergency vehicle light technician) to ensure proper installation and to protect your manufacturer warranty.

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