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Lynx L6-2 Linear Interior/Exterior LED Light Bar Wiring and Installation Guide

For best results, we suggest this interior light bar be installed by a professional emergency vehicle technician. The user/installer of this light is responsible for the proper mount and installation of the light. Please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics with any concerns and keep this document in a safe location for future reference.

Instructions for Traditional Mount

  • Cable harness should exit to the right when mounted
  • Don’t run wires near engine hot spots or in the path of airbag deployment
  • Position interior light bar in vehicle before drilling
  • Mark mounting holes
  • Drill 5/8”mounting holes and a centered hole
  • Use grommets where appropriate

Endcap Mounting Instructions for Lynx L62

  • Drill a 5/8” hole for passage of wires
  • Pass the cable harness through the light’s endcap
  • Remove screws to take off endcap
  • Place grommet in hole
  • Feed cable through light
  • Mount with included hardware

For help with troubleshooting, please contact Extreme Tactical Dynamics. Every light is tested prior to shipment. If you are having trouble powering or operating your light, we suggest checking all battery and wire connections. Most often issues with power and operation are related to faulty connections.

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