Choosing the Right LED Stealth Visor Light

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 26th 2019

An interior led visor light bar is a go-to choice for police vehicles and other first responder transportation. Many cops, firefighters, volunteers, and tow truck drivers choose a visor light bar because it’s stealthy. When installed in a windshield, this LED light is almost undetectable, which makes it perfect for a slick top set-up.

At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we understand this want and offer four stealthy visor options for you to consider. Below, we will go over the commonalities of each light and go into detail about the differences to help you decide which one is right for you.

Visor Light Similarities

At first glance, the choices may look similar; although they each offer something a little different. So you can concentrate on what’s special about each of the options in this series, we have made a list of commonalities between each of the four choices in our inventory.

  • Includes 9’ of power cord
  • Comes with digital controllers
  • Each features a flashback shield
  • Choose from solid or combination colors
  • All Stealth visor lights feature GEN III LEDs
  • Installation equipment is included
  • Takedown lights can be added for a cost
  • Easily install with visor mount brackets and suction cups
  • All 4 LED light choices meet California Title 13 requirements
  • Cigarette lighter adapters for plug and play action are included
  • All units have 26 flash patterns and flash pattern memory built in
  • All Stealth lights meet or exceed SAEJ85 and J59 standards
  • Sold as two units (one for driver side and the other on the passenger side)
  • All are sold with our 5-year limited warranty on the LEDs and a 2-year warranty on the components

What To Look For When Finding The Right LED Stealth Visor Light

Now that we’ve told you how the LED visor lights are similar, it’s time to get into how the lights are different. When you’re looking for an LED light bar for the visor of a police vehicle or civilian POV, you will need to look individually at the following features:

  • Price
  • Discreetness of the unit
  • Number of LEDs
  • Customer reviews
  • Promotional items included with purchase

Below, we will go over each LED Stealth visor choice in our online store and explain the light’s features.

LED Stealth 3 Visor Light

stealth-three-visorThe LED Stealth 3 is the most affordable option in this series. At just under $200, you can install this emergency light in the front or rear windshield of a fleet vehicle. The light measures 17” long and is 6.2” wide, so it easily fits in most police, fire, or EMS vehicles without modifications. Like all the lights in this series, the Stealth 3 uses GEN III, 1-watt LEDs. In this unit, there are 30 LEDs for a total of 30-watts of power. You can also install this light via a cigarette lighter plug and control it with an easy to mount digital controller. For a limited time, we are offering the LED Stealth 3 visor light with a free pair of Undercover 6 surface mount lights.

Currently, the LED Stealth 3 has 4 out of 5 stars in customer reviews. One of the reasons the light hasn’t received a 5 star rating average is because a customer had a hard time installing it in an F150 truck. The customer went on to add that he was able to modify the universal mounts and the light works perfectly. It’s important to note that the mounting equipment sold with this light is universal, which means it should easily fit. It’s impossible to have specs for all police vehicles and POVs on the road. This means you may have to modify the brackets to fit your specific car, truck, or van. If you have any questions about how these brackets will fit in a vehicle, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

LED Stealth 4 Light

The LED Stealth 4 visor light offers more than the LED Stealth 3 for about $50 more. Like its less powerful alternative, the Stealth 4 is sold with a digital controller and cigarette lighter plug. The biggest difference between the 3 and 4 are the amount of LEDs used to create it. The Stealth 4 features 40 bright, GEN III, 1-watt LEDs for a total of 40-watts of illumination in your choice of split or solid colors. This upgraded LED light is also a bit bigger than the Stealth 3 at just 17” long and 6.5” deep. For a limited time, we are also offering a complimentary pair of Echo 48s in your choice of colors with this purchase.

Customers, just like you, have given this light a 5 out of 5-star rating. One of the best-selling features, according to our reviews, is the quality of the light’s construction, the ease of keeping track of flash patterns, and the flashback guards ability to allow you to be seen without interfering with your ability to see the road.

LED Stealth 6 Visor Light

The LED Stealth 6 visor light is a favorite of law enforcement and is often used in DEA, FBI, and detective vehicles. Fleet managers love this light choice because it allows them to get about 20 more LEDs than the next smallest unit for a small increase in price. One of the reasons this stealthy visor light is so famous in this field is because it is almost undetectable.

The Stealth 6 features 60, 1-watt GEN III LEDs for a total of 60-watts of power. Like, the Stealth 3 and 4, the Stealth 6 is sold with a cigarette lighter plug with an on/off switch located on the cord, and a digital controller. The visor emergency lights measures 17.126” long, 6.220” high, and is 1.457” deep. Right now, we are offering this Stealth light with a promotional pair of Echo 48 surface mount lights.

Customers have given this visor lighting 5 out of 5 stars. Firefighters, police, and volunteers who have used this emergency light enjoy its output, flashback shield, and ease of installation. Customers have mounted this light in the visor of a Ford Taurus, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe, Ford Crown Vics, and Chevy Impalas with no issues. Buyers who installed this light in a Dodge Nitro, Toyota Tundra, and an older Dodge Ram commented that they had to adjust the brackets to fit the shape of their windshield.

LED Stealth Commander

stealth-commander-visorCue the music…the LED Stealth Commander is the best-selling powerhouse of our online store. The Stealth Commander is mounted on the interior windshields of police cruisers, detective vehicles, fire department trucks, and hundreds of POVs all over the country – all over the world.

First responders, storm chasers, tow truck drivers, and more are naturally drawn to this large light because it packs an impressive 90, GEN III, 1-watt LEDs in its 17” frame. Like all the other stealthy light choices in this series, the unit is sold with a digital controller and has 5 out of 5 stars from customer reviews.

One of the reasons customers are so fond of this LED light is because it comes with two pairs of our coveted Undercover 8 surface mount lighting. Another common compliment we hear from customers is that this light moves traffic. Customers have easily installed this in the visor of Crown Victorias and Chevy Colorado. Like the LED Stealth 6, the Stealth Commander visor mounting brackets had to be modified a bit to fit a Toyota Tundra. With a bit of modification, none of our customers have been unable to install these visor strobe lights in any vehicle.

Now that you’ve had an in-depth look at each of the Stealth visor light bars in our series, you are ready to choose the right unit for you. If you need help making the right selection, please feel free to contact our customer service team by phone, email, social media, or LIVE CHAT.

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