First Responder Motorcycle Lighting Options

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Riding a motorcycle gives you a rush of adrenaline that will spark memories for decades. The breeze hitting your face, the scenery, and sunsets are just a few of the things riders love. But, in the back of every motorcycle riders head is the dangers that come with the open road. Whether you’re riding a police fleet motorcycle or you’re a firefighter that rides every chance he gets, you need to make sure you have the right lights to keep you seen on the road.

Make Your Motorcycle Lights Count

There are plenty of lights you can buy to make your bike stand out in a crowd, but which ones will actually make your motorcycle easier to see? It’s important to choose lights that increase your bikes’ visibility in daytime and nighttime hours. When ETD recommends motorcycle lights to our customers, there are a few questions we ask, including:

  • What do you want to accomplish with LED lighting?
  • What equipment is already installed on your motorcycle?
  • Are there any blind-spots?
  • What’s the most vulnerable area of the bike?

Before You Buy Motorcycle Lights – Consider these Facts

It’s extremely important to consider a few facts before you start buying motorcycle lights. We’ve listed the most crucial below.

  • How much space is available on your bike?
  • Is it a fleet vehicle?
  • What color LEDs are you allowed to use on the road?
  • Where are you most vulnerable on the road? Sides? Rear? Something else?

By carefully deciding what LEDs you want to install on your motorcycle, you can make great choices right from the start. It will save you a ton of time and energy if you make the right choices.

Our Motorcycle LED Light Suggestions

We’ve helped riders all over the country outfit their motorcycles with LED emergency lighting. When we talk about motorcycle lights, we’re also including slingshots and trikes in this category. Below are some of the most popular light options including:

Our headlight accessories include hideaways, strobe lights, and much more. By using the pre-existing holes in your motorcycle, you can replace your factory fitted lights with LED technology that will cut through dark, weather, and much more.

Pod lights are small round motorcycle lights created with SMD LEDs. The powerful LEDs combined with a small, thin size make pod lights easy to install anywhere. On the gas tank, the fenders, or anywhere else you want to show off or increase visibility, you can.

License plate brackets are exactly what you imagine they are. It’s a pre-made bracket that fits a motorcycle plate. The bracket includes pre-existing holes that make mounting surface mount lights easy and fast. When you add a license plate bracket outfitted with surface mount LEDs to your bike, you’re increasing your visibility on the road and decreasing the risk of rear-end collisions as well.

Surface mount LEDs come in various sizes and shapes. Our inventory is packed with surface mount lights in different sizes and shapes. The available variety allows you to find exactly what you need to improve visibility.

If you have questions or want to discuss a customized lighting kit or police siren for your motorcycle, trike, or slingshot – contact our customer service team today.

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