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2020 Most Popular Vehicle Emergency Lights 

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Apr 21st 2020

ETD (Extreme Tactical Dynamics) is one of the largest suppliers of Emergency Vehicle Lights to first responders, which we have been for the past fifteen years. We are a trusted source for a variety of emergency services, including police, firefig … read more

Do Construction Trucks Have The Right of Way

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Dec 2nd 2019

As a construction truck driver or even as a regular driver, it’s vital to understand the right away and who holds it in various situations. Without understanding these concepts and how they should be applied to the real world, it’s impossible t … read more

When is a Tow Truck Considered As An Emergency Vehicle?

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Nov 18th 2019

Whether you drive a wrecker or another vehicle, it is good to know when they can be considered as an emergency vehicle. A question that many wonder as it differs from traditional law enforcement or emergency services (police cars, fire trucks, etc.), … read more


Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

To be warned is to be forearmed. Technology experts today believe the automotive industry and telematic providers must deal head-on with the potential for all-out cyber security attacks on vehicles by exploring and testing-out electronic systems f … read more

The 10 Best Emergency Vehicle Parades in the United States

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Does the wail from a firetruck get your attention anytime you hear one? Do your kids drop whatever they are doing and stare at a patrol car with police lights flashing and emergency sirens blaring? If so, you need to see an emergency vehicle pa … read more

First Ever Warning Strobes Fitted as Standard on 2016 Ford F-150s

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Ford has always been a visionary in the automotive industry. And now the truck company is the first ever to fit strobe lights on their vehicles. With this upgrade, Ford is proving they can anticipate what customers just like you want from their … read more

Should I Install TIR or Linear LED Lights?

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

In any job, you must have the right tools and resources to do it. Nowhere is this truer than with first responders and others that use their vehicle in their duties. When picking lights, many people make the mistake of just looking at the number o … read more

5 Things to Consider When Shopping for Truck Lights

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

When you’re shopping for truck lights, including emergency light bars for trucks online, there are many things to consider before hitting the checkout button. Until you’ve considered all factors associated with these products, you can’t be sure yo … read more