New Dual Color Surface Mount Lights

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Dual color LED lights are set to revolutionize the world of first responders. LEDs are the brightest lights available on the market, and now a new fantastic exciting feature will ensure that they are even more useful to drivers and owners of first responder vehicles. This will make the roads safer, help first responders save more lives and guarantee that first responders and get through heavy traffic or send a clear message to other road users.

What Are The Benefits Of Dual Color Light LEDs?

Dual Color Lights allow a driver to light up their car at night in different colors depending on the situations. Drivers can choose strong amber, red or white. Each color has a different meaning to drivers on the road. For instance, amber will tell drivers that they need to be cautious. Blue or red on the other hand generally mean there’s an emergency. As such, with the right lighting, drivers can be alerted of the situation effortlessly.

Chameleon 6 Linear 3 Stage

With dual color LEDs, things are kept simple for first responders. They are able to effortlessly switch between the different colors depending on their needs and based on what the situation requires. One flick of the switch and within second the roads will light up with a different colored glow.

One of the biggest benefits of dual color lights is that they are a cost-effective solution. First responders and emergency staff often do not have massive budgets to work with. Dual color LED lights mean that one set of lights can provide for a number of different possibilities and cut the cost down significantly. As well as this, the lights are easy to install and can be fitted to an already existing emergency lighting setup.

These lights are bright too and as such are almost impossible to miss. This means that road users will see them earlier and be able to move out of the way so that first responders can get through traffic as quickly as possible. Or, simple ensure that road users are alerted to a danger on the road.

With new innovative and exciting technology, Extreme Tactical Dynamics are always looking for the next step in dual color LED lighting. This brings us to the new Dual Color surface mount LEDs now available to purchase from our shop.

Dual Color Surface Mount LEDs Features

Signature Series Dual Color

The new Dual Color Surface Mount LEDs have a number of features and exciting tech advances that ensure that they are going to be vital for first responders. First, the new lights are incredibly durable, and this means that they can be used for years without damage or replacement. Again, this will ensure that these lights are cheap and a cost-effective solution for first responders on a limited budget.

As well as being tough and durable, they are also completely weather resistant. As such, drivers won’t have to worry about them becoming damaged in heavy rain or even ice and snow. With a revolutionary design, the new polycarbonate lens ensures that the light provided is always as bright as possible. It covers the lens and stops the light from growing yellow after a significant period of use.

Some LED lights can be a nuisance to fit on to vehicles, but that is simply not the case with the new surface mount strobe lights. These lights have a rubber mounting flange which means they will fit easily and securely anywhere on a vehicle including the grill.

Unique Features

Typically, dual color LED lights only provide one or two options. You can either show one color, or another and switch quickly between the two. With the new lights, fresh tech has enabled things to be taken one step further. Users are able to choose exactly how they want to use the lights. For instance, you can choose to show one color or alternate between two different colors like red and blue.

On top of his, the LEDs have 26 programs to choose from as well as a computer memory. This means that there are literally hundreds of combinations that drives can use on the road to make sure that they are sending the right message to pedestrians and other drivers.

Why is this important? Studies have shown that pedestrians and drivers on the road do view different colors of lights differently and respond based on the message that they think is being sent. By finding the right patterns with LED strobe lights, you can get the best results and send a clear message to other road users. With these lights, you can make sure that you are in complete control of how you choose to clear a path on a busy road.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

When you look at these emergency strobe lights, you might think that they are too small to really have an impact. But that’s the beauty of the design. These 3 Watt LEDs strobe lights may be small, but they sure do pack a punch. You’ll soon see that they are powerful enough to light the road ahead and send a clear message to drivers and pedestrians alike.

When they aren’t in use, they are completely discreet, and the strobe lights just look like another part of the car or vehicle that is being used. As such, when you’re not on the job, no one will be able to tell that you are driving a first responders vehicle. Put them on any flat service of your car or vehicle and get ready to light up the road in a fantastic new way.

All Different Sizes

The lights can be purchased in a range of different sizes from 3 TIR LED strobe lights up to 6 TIR LEDs. As such, you’ll easily be able to find one that will match the design and size of your vehicle. Or, you can buy a few of the new lights to add to your car. Remember, these lights are completely affordable on any budget.

Are you interested in the new surface mounted strobe lights? They’re on sale right now at Extreme Tactical Dynamics!

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