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Cop Lights and Their Purpose

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Apr 21st 2020

There are many things that go into police work, but one of the more important aspects that is typically overlooked is the use of lights such as the police light bar. After all, just think about all the things that police -- and other emergency ser … read more

What Color Lights do Emergency Vehicles Use

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jan 13th 2020

Emergency lights are a crucial part of your emergency vehicle. At Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we understand the need to get your hands on the best lighting available. This is why we offer such a diverse range of choices for people in various emerge … read more

There’s Nothing Funny About Impersonating Emergency Services

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

In 2012, a Fort Worth, Texas, business owner decked out a retired ambulance and began to use it as a for rent “party bus.” The former emergency vehicle boasted a stripper pole, full wet bar, and club-like neon lights. It was even called, the “Slam … read more

Hazard Light Usage is Illegal in Florida While Raining

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

We’ve all been there! Driving down the road and suddenly the weather changes and you're forced to drive through a torrential downpour. Usually, it includes a lot of baited breaths and a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel. Some drivers handle … read more

Texting and Driving Will be Banned in Texas

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 3,447 automobile deaths in 2015 were attributed to texting while driving. But the dangers of texting while driving are even more startling when you consider another 391,000 d … read more

Safe Haven Baby Surrender Boxes to be Installed in Indiana Hospitals

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

As of 2008, every state in the US has Safely Surrendered Baby Laws. Sometimes called, a Safe Haven Law, this statute allows a parent to securely and privately surrender a baby without the risk of criminal charges. Expectant mothers and mothers in … read more