10 Quick Questions Before Buying Your First LED Light Bar

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

If you’re looking to turn a car or SUV into an emergency vehicle, LED light bars are likely to be on your shortlist of possible additions. They are known for their affordability and easy installation properties. Moreover, they provide the type of light needed to alert other drivers and provide greater visibility for you.

Nonetheless, it never hurts to make sure your asking the right questions before you buy. Here are 10 questions that should enable you to do just that. You can also take a look at our LED light bar buying guide for more information.

Will A Light Bar Improve My Vehicle?

First and foremost, you need to know that the LED light bar is up to the task of what you intend it to do. LED bulbs are commonplace, especially for those driving vehicles with specific activities in mind. Whether it’s rescue work, patrols, or construction sites doesn’t matter. Making the switch to LED will make a noticeable difference.

There are many options on the market. However, LED bars are versatile, practical, and highly effective. Those features make them a winning solution for all emergency and utility needs.

Amber Light BarAre They Legal For Just About Anybody?

Before adding light bars to your car or SUV, you need to know that you are within the law. Light bars themselves are fine, although there are limits on sizes that can vary between territories and vehicle sizes. While some sellers may include items that aren’t legal, our products are perfect for your vehicle and emergency needs.

In truth, laws on usage are stricter when dealing with sirens rather than lights. As long as you are responsible, there’s very little to worry about. Whether you need a tow light bar, or an interior light bar,  including police visor lights, keep reading to learn about each type.

Which Type Of Light Bar Is Right?

Confirming that a light bar is a good addition is one thing. However, the most important step is to find the right one. There are many options out there, which is why you must research the options. Mini light bars, led visor light bar, off road light bars, and full size are just four categories to consider. Each has its pros and cons for various uses and situations.

Our guide to the various options will help you find the best police LED light bars or solutions for other situations. With that support, finding the right option should be an easy task.

What Type Of Light Patterns Are Available?

Whichever type of police or emergency vehicle lighting is selected, you should also know that there are various options out there. Various light bars can provide different light colors. These can range from the basic white light solution to multicolors or red, blues, and greens. Moreover, some can offer traffic redirection functions too. This can prepare your car or SUV for even more situations.

The best thing you can do is sit down and consider the functions that you’ll require from the light bar. This should provide the direction needed to make the best decision for your needs.

What Are The Differences Between Spot And Flood Beams?

Navigator Spotlight Lens CloseupLED lights can emit various types of light. The most common are spotlights and flood beams. Spots essentially produce a cone of light with a narrow spread, which is ideal for generating better lighting conditions. Flood beams produce a 90-degree spread, making them ideal for working sites and similar situations.

Many modern LED light bars offer a combination of both, but it’s always an aspect that deserves careful consideration. Keep in mind that spot and flood beams are generally found on off road LED lights or work and scene lights and are not used on flashing police light bars.

Lumens V Watts – Which Should I Prioritize?

Watts have been the primary way of analyzing a light’s brightness for many generations. With LEDs, though, it’s often better to look at the lumens. This relates to the output, and gives you a far better reflection. A 60w incandescent light might only produce the same output as a 15w LED. This can make things a little complicated, but our friendly experts can support you.

In truth, most LED light bulbs produce a suitable level of light output. Still, a little understanding of watts and lumens will help point you towards a better final decision.

Is It A Financially Viable Purchase?

For most vehicle owners, the answer will be yes. Whether you’re buying the LED light bar for emergency matters or other activities that require a strobe light bar for truck, this addition can make a serious impact. Meanwhile, most new buyers are pleasantly surprised by the price of most light bar solutions. Whether it’s a single item or a package, the array of options suit most budgets.

Furthermore, LEDs use far less energy than outdated facilities while the bulbs last a lot longer too. Those savings will pay for the purchase in the long run.

Will One Light Suffice?

Everyone has unique preferences in various aspects of driving. This is no different when kitting out your vehicle for those emergency activities. Again, finding a setup that suits you should be the priority. For some, one LED light bar will do. For others, though, installing multiple products is the best option.

This can also include sirens and related products. Take these features into account before making a purchase, and you’ll be far more likely to reach a suitable outcome.

How Much Maintenance Is Involved?

Very little. The majority of LED emergency light bars are easy to install and even easier to take care of. Our range includes robust housing and durable wiring to ensure that you get years of uninterrupted quality. Meanwhile, the fact that the bulbs can last for 100,000 hours should prevent the need to change them anywhere near as often as old bulbs.

Better still, they are built to be easily transported between vehicles too. So, if you ever upgrade to a newer motor, you can take the light bar with you.

Would A Dash And Deck Light Be Better?

In addition to the external light bars, many road users like the idea of dash and deck lights. These can be fitted to the front, rear or side windows with the use of suction cups. These are arguably even easier to use, making the transfer from personal use to emergency a very simple task. It largely comes down to preference, but we stock this type of light bar too.

By now, you should have a rough idea of what you’re looking for. If you’re still stuck, however, our experts are happy to support you with that purchase. Your car will be ready for those extra tasks in no time.

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