Can I put a Strobe Light on my Car?

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jan 13th 2020

Here at Extreme Tactical Dynamics, we keep our customers as informed as possible. If you’re going to buy some emergency lighting from us, then we want to make sure you make the right purchase and don’t step outside the law.

Things brings us to the topic for today’s discussion; strobe lights, and the strobe light bar. These lights are used to give off a flashing sensation that can be seen from far and wide. The emergency services use them all the time, normally combined with a siren. But, can anyone buy a strobe light and put it on their car? The answer is slightly more complicated than you think.

You see, there are specific rules and regulations surrounding what you can and can’t put on your vehicle - particularly where extra lights are concerned. So, before you make your purchase, you have to understand what you’re doing and how you can use the strobe lights.

Strobe lights can be used by people with emergency vehicles

Generally speaking, most people in the emergency services will be given an emergency vehicle. In this case, you already have ample strobe lighting attached to your car. However, what if you’re a volunteer or supply your own vehicle for your work?

If that’s the case, then you can buy and put a strobe light on your car. One of the main reasons for strobe lights is to differentiate emergency vehicles from normal ones. If you have one, then everyone on the road will know that you work in the emergency services. As soon as they see your strobe light flashing away, they’ll try and get out of your way to let you get to your destination as quickly as possible.

So, if you are a civilian that works in the emergency services in some capacity, then you can put a strobe light on your car and use it when you’re driving. Of course, you can only turn it on if there’s a genuine incident. For example, you use your strobe light to warn other cars of something hazardous on the road, or you use it to help you speed towards an emergency without getting caught in traffic.

You can use a strobe light if you’re an undercover agent

Similarly, strobe lights are widely used by undercover agents, in the form of the interior light bar. Whether you work in the police force or as a detective, you may need to go undercover. This means that you don’t drive around in a marked car, you use your private vehicle. What happens if you get into an incident and need to chase down a perp? Without a strobe light, you command no authority. They won’t know that you’re chasing them, other drivers will have no idea what you’re doing, and you’ll end up causing an accident, that is why the led emergency light bar is so important.

With that in mind, undercover agents should put a strobe light on their cars just in case it’s needed. Naturally, you encounter another issue here - won’t the light be obvious? You’re hardly undercover if there’s a massive light bar on your roof!

Well, the solution to this is simple. At Extreme Tactical, we sell both grill lights and hideaway lights. Both of these can be put in discreet places that hide them from view. So, the public won’t suspect a thing, but you still have access to strobe lights when you need them. Just press a button, turn them on, and watch people move away to let you chase down a criminal.

Commercial vehicles can use certain types of strobe lights

Now, if you have a commercial vehicle, then you can also put a strobe light on your car and turn it on. This is because commercial vehicles are usually around potentially dangerous situations. Or, they present a certain element of danger than means people need to be cautious.

As an example, look at a construction vehicle. If you saw a big dump truck on the road, then it will usually have an amber strobe light flashing away. This notifies passers-by that there’s an element of danger to be wary of. Dump trucks are big and hard to maneuver, so it tells drivers to keep their distance and be more careful.

Other types of commercial vehicles include snowplows, utility vehicles, security cars, and so on. In some cases, commercial vehicles are legally required to use strobe lights. If they’re stationary on the roadside, then they must turn the light on to warn people and keep other drivers safe.

Most of the time, amber strobe lights are used by this vehicle type. Sometimes a green one could be used, and white ones might be called upon at night for added visibility. But, seeing as the main issue with commercial vehicles is that there’s an increased risk of accidents when they’re about, then amber is a common choice.

Regular people can buy strobe lights for their cars

So, to answer the initial question, you technically are allowed to put a strobe light on your car. There’s no law prohibiting a civilian from heading online and buying as many strobe lights as they want for their car. You don’t have to be in the emergency services, it can be a private car, there is no issue.

Having said that, you can’t use your strobe lights all the time. If you’re out in public, then your lights need to be switched off. You can’t turn them on when you’re going for a casual drive, or you will be pulled over by the police.

The reason behind this is that emergency strobe lighting is only meant for certain vehicles. As we mentioned previously, emergency cars can use them, undercover police need them, and commercial vehicles have them. Strobe lighting sets these cars apart from private ones, so drivers are more aware of them. If everyone was driving around with strobe lights flashing, then it would be impossible to determine who’s actually heading to an emergency.

So, you can buy a strobe light, you can put it on your car, but you can’t use it in public. You can, however, use it privately. Some people use strobe lights at car shows to make their car look more impressive and fancy. Other people will use strobe lights when driving around their own land. This is most commonly seen on farms. A farmer needs a strobe light to patrol their fields and ward off any criminals. It’s perfectly legal to do so as you’re on private property!

What type of strobe light is best for your car?

If you want to buy strobe lights, then we’ve got plenty to choose from. Please feel free to look through our extensive online catalog, we’re sure you’ll find something that interests you.

Our advice is to think about what you need the strobe lights for. If your car is used as an emergency vehicle, then you might want a light bar to sit on your roof for extra visibility. Clearly, if you’re undercover or a volunteer, then you may prefer something less obvious. Again, we have options in the form of our led strobe light bar, LED dash lights, or grill lights, and the hideaway lights, and you can always find discount emergency vehicle lights.

For those of you that want one for fun, then there’s not really a specific variety to look at. It all comes down to personal choice! Think about what one will make your car look better!

What colors can you buy?

Technically, you can buy any of the colored strobe lights on our website. Nevertheless, there are some rules around which ones you can use in public. Emergency vehicles tend to use red or blue strobe lights. For this reason, other vehicles shouldn’t use them. If you do, then you run the risk of being pulled over by law enforcement officers.

Amber strobe lights are used to signal caution for other drivers. Those of you with commercial vehicles should look into buying these for your car. Likewise, amber can be useful for your private vehicle if you use it on your own property. Going back to the farmer example, it can help signify caution if you’re working near a field next to a small country lane. It just lets other drivers know they should slow down and be more careful.

Green can sometimes be used if you operate a security car. It indicates that you’re protecting something/someone of value and that you’re transporting them to another location.

Of course, white lights are mainly used for show and attention. We would probably recommend that civilians choose white strobe lights just to stay on the safe side. It’s bad enough getting caught using a strobe light in public, but it’s worse if you have a colored one.

In conclusion, you can put a strobe light on your car. But, you can only use it in public if you fit certain criteria, especially as a warning light bar. General members of the public may use car strobe lighting in private places, just make sure you turn it off before you head onto public roads. Remember to check out our full array of awesome strobe lights, and light bars for sale if you’re looking to get your hands on one today!

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