The Benefits of Strobe Lights on Construction Vehicles

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Strobe lights are most commonly associated with emergency vehicles lights, like the ones used on police cars and ambulances, but they can also benefit construction trucks too. The main aim of any strobe light is to draw attention and, in the case of a construction truck, this is especially important as you need to be able to effectively warn surrounding people and vehicles of dangers that may be present in the workplace.

Whether your truck is working on site or commuting on the roads, you should be able to draw attention to your truck and ensure the safety of yourselves and everyone around you. Your safety lights, such as your construction light bar, should also be there to act as a communication method between you and your workmen, with different strobe patterns indicating different messages and instructions.

Here are just a few ways that you can utilize construction strobe lights for trucks.

Safety and Warning Lights

Construction strobe lights are particularly effective when they are used to warn people that a truck is there and people may be working around it. This is particularly beneficial on noisy construction sites where a sound signal such as a siren may not be heard clearly, or could be echoed and become difficult to place. Strobe lights are by their nature highly eye catching and therefore should draw the attention of anyone getting close.

If you are using a truck on the side of a road, strobe lights maybe used to indicate the presence of the truck during the day as well as at night. The lights will indicate to drivers that they need to slow down and proceed past the site with caution. As people are generally used to strobe lights being used to indicate danger, they will instinctively understand what to do as they see the output of your warning light bar.

Safety and Warning Lights on the Move

Another good reason to get strobe lights on your construction truck is to indicate to other drivers that they should follow at a safe distance and be aware of your presence on the road. Large construction trucks, especially those carrying a heavy or cumbersome load, will often take up considerably more space on the road and having lights to indicate where the sides of the vehicle are will help drivers seeking to overtake safely maneuver around you.

If you are traveling at night, your strobe lights will also help to give drivers a better indication of how far away you are and roughly how fast you are traveling. With this information, they will be able to maintain a safe distance from you and slow down accordingly.

Which Color Light Should You Use?

Many government officials use strobe lights to indicate their presence and as such, you should not use red or blue lights on your construction truck as this may cause confusion. In fact, in many areas, the use of red and blue strobe lights is restricted to police and other government vehicles and officials and it is illegal for civilians to use them.

In general construction trucks use an orange or yellow light bar or yellow strobe lights to indicate their presence and most people would be able to identify your vehicle based on these lights. Yellow is also a good light to choose as it will offer the most illumination and can be seen from reasonably far away.

Why Use LEDs as Opposed to Other Types of Strobe Light?

LED strobe lights are rapidly becoming the norm for use on many different types of vehicles. They are much longer lasting, much more durable and far more efficient than other types of bulb. As LEDs are made differently and don’t use heated filaments as other lights do, they are much less fragile. This makes them ideal for use on a construction site where there is likely to be a lot of ground movement and vibration throughout the works. However if you are looking for different types of construction vehicle lights, click here.

While earlier versions of energy efficient light bulbs took time to light up, now the vast majority of LED strobe lights are instantly active, just what you need in an emergency situation. They are also easier to control and you can program the lights to flash at a particular speed or brightness to best convey your message without dazzling people. You may also choose to program different light patterns to indicate different things to your workmen such as warnings and signs that work is in progress.

Using Strobe Lights to Communicate

On a loud and busy building site, communication methods have to be adaptable to different situations. This is why many building sites and workmen use particular hand gestures or symbols to communicate across the space, as well as using technologies like mobile phones or walkie talkies.

As strobe lights can be programmed to different patterns, it makes sense that you would also utilize your lights to create another channel of communication. For example, one light pattern may indicate that you are preparing for a process, another may mean that the process is in motion and that everyone not directly involved should stay clear of the area.

Using construction vehicle strobe lights like this offers an type of communication that will be noticed even on the busiest and noisiest sites. Combining a few different types of light, strategically positioned around your truck will also maximize the chances that they will be noticed and people will take heed before continuing. Safety is paramount on any building site and any method that can enhance your ability to protect your workers should certainly be high up on your list.

Safety Always Comes First

Whether you are on a construction site in the middle of nowhere, parked at the side of the road or you are transporting heavy items to a building site, the safety of your construction truck is incredibly important. Being able to warn those around you of your presence with an amber led light bar won’t just help them to make decisions, but also keep your workmen safer by indicating that they are there too.

Strobe lights are such a simple technology when you really think about it, but being able to program a strobe light bar and place them strategically is quite possibly one of the best ways to ensure the safety of everyone.

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