IACP Conference October 2017: Call for Presentation Ideas

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

DEADLINE: February 28


IACP Conference 2017

For 123 years, since 1893, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has held an annual conference which provides the most up-to-date information, services, and educational trainings for its members both, national and international. The ever-growing IACP Conference is the largest gathering of law enforcement agencies in the world. In past years, over 15,000 attended from more than 80 countries. There have been over 200 educational programs offered on a wide range of pertinent law enforcement topics, and hundreds of companies set up booths to exhibit their services, explain their advanced degree programs, and promote their diverse technologically superior products.

The conference provides the perfect venue for executive law enforcement professionals to exchange information and to be introduced to new tools and resources that they can thus employ in their own departments in order to strengthen officers’ skills under their command. For 5 days each year, the IACP Conference is the global hub for law enforcement executives. From October 21-24, this year Philadelphia will be the place where federal, state, county, and even tribal police, both national and international will converge to network, to exchange ideas, to learn, and to see the most cutting-edge, innovative products in the industry. Each year the conference fulfills the mission of IACP in every way by: “Serving the Leaders of Today...Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow.”

Don’t Forget the February Deadline!

In preparation for the all-encompassing conference, IACP begins the year with a call for presentations for the upcoming Fall event, but many well-qualified applicants miss the opportunity to submit their proposals because they miss the deadline. Hopefully, this blog will be a timely reminder to those who have the best intentions, but get sidetracked year after year allowing the final day for submissions to go unremembered. It’s the last day of February, so DON’T WAIT!

IACP members in all areas of law enforcement and related fields are encouraged to offer timely instruction on relevant topics at the conference. In this way, hundreds of trainings are thus ultimately available to choose from. If you are a seasoned executive in law enforcement, have years of experience, then why not share what you have learned from others, figured out and fine tuned for yourself, and contribute your expertise to those who want to become well-trained, very successful career police officers. By meeting the IACP Guidelines and submitting your presentation idea in time, YOU could be highly-valued asset to the conference.

Education Tracks

So many people think that they have nothing to offer, but think again. Discussion of your successful leadership techniques, mentoring programs, and managerial skills can directly affect others’ productivity when you are a presenter. There are so many educational tracks to choose from AND so many ways a speaker or a hands-on trainer can transmit his/her knowledge. There is even a special, unique Family Track for family members who have come along to the conference. Who knows, you might even see Extreme Tactical Dynamics there, with its new range of cutting edge police lights, like the Blaze.

Leadership Tracks are dedicated to areas that police chiefs face today in the workplace, or there is a Leadership Track for those younger officers who want to learn tactics and tried and true ways to be a successful leader. In both cases, Leadership Strategies will be most welcome and well-appreciated by those who have successfully achieved or are striving for law enforcement careers.

Mentoring Programs are crucial to establishing a solid police department with a good, productive future. Whether it’s mentoring rookies who have just joined the organization or troubled or bored youth in the community. Showing how your department has successfully developed one of these programs would be a perfect topic for a Foundation Track presentation. If your department has successfully set up a thriving program, share how you did it! The IACP has developed The IACP YOUTH FOCUSED POLICING AGENCY SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL ;If your department has completed the assessment tool and implemented its suggested policies, relating the pros and cons that you encountered in the process would be a very interesting presentation for this track. The IACP Youth Focused Policing Agency Self-Assessment Tool is a way that police departments can take an honest, thorough look at their own policies, procedures, and behavior.

If you are associated with the Philadelphia Police Department and have a ‘pet’ program, then because the IACP 2017 Conference is in your city, a special track has been developed to show what is ‘going down’ in the City of Brotherly Love. You’ll want to submit your idea for a presentation under the Host Department Track. Pick an area and show what the Philadelphia department has been doing to promote successful service to the community.

The Legal Track provides information on current legal practices, trends, and issues in law enforcement worldwide. All police professionals must stay well informed and familiar with any amendments to legal procedures. When police chiefs know the law backwards and forwards and make sure those under their command know it as well, a department can function efficiently without doubt about what’s the right thing to do.

Coordinating advanced education and training with existing department operations is the function of the IMPACT Track which deals with educational strategies and ways to implement them into your organization. The more and better trained officers are, the stronger the force. The International Managers of Police Academies and College Trainers is the group that coordinates presentations concerning educational programs and how they can advance the level of proficiency of any law enforcement agency.

Two additional tracks are the Police Physicians Track and the Police Psychological Track that deal with topics concerning medicine and psychology. IACP asks professional experts in these fields to submit a presentation proposal on effective police medical practices or related topics. Good physical and mental health information will benefit all associated with law related matters whether they are police officers or the community. Keeping the law enforcement community abreast of the best mental and physical practices will directly affect the productivity of all concerned.

The Public Information Officer Track and the Technology and Information Sharing Track both offer training sessions on how to deal with the positives and negatives of social media and the public in general. Defining the role of police agencies, commitment to transparency, open communication, public relations, and the effective and efficient use of technology are all possible areas to be be addressed in these tracks. If your department has successfully mastered any of these potentially high-charged areas, tell others how your police operations did it.

The Companion Track is dedicated to helping those family members who are at home waiting for their loved one to return. Presentation topics will deal with stress management, health measures, coping techniques for the whole family, and all related issues that those at home must face. All persons involved will benefit from mastering the information provided from these presentations. A whole family will benefit from these sessions that deal with improved mental and physical coping skills. And there are others Tracks to consider as well, such as the Learning Lab.

The Learning Lab offers an individualistic approach to learning a new skill. Presenters will use a computer lab with 10 computers, each with internet, each accommodating 2 attendees. This interactive learning experience is conducted in 2-hour sessions, focusing on developing particular, uniform skills that can be mastered during the time allotted. The integrated activities should be fun, but should also focus on the measurable skill-building objective of the presentation.


The IACP is looking for presentation ideas for the upcoming October conference. There are numerous topical areas to choose, from community-police relations and public trust, situations involving the use of force, dealing with violent and domestic situations, police morale, and ‘at risk’ populations to name a few. Presentations should be ‘innovative, engaging, inspiring, informative, and educational.’ Attendees should always ‘take something away’ from a session they have participated in.

The following information is required in order to submit a presentation proposal and to be considered for IACP 2017: Title of Presentation...Speaker/Presenter Information (Name, Agency/Organization, Title, and Email)...Presentation Description...Learning Objectives...Methodology...Track/Topic/Audience

For More Information concerning ‘Objectives’ and ‘Methodology’ see: http://www.theiacpconference.org/program/schedule/call-for-proposal-faqs/#site-navigation

The IACP is interested in receiving proposals that address contemporary or emerging issues confronting the law enforcement profession and the leaders of law enforcement agencies worldwide. DON’T HESITATE. ORGANIZE YOUR PRESENTATION and submit it by February 28. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH YOUR EXPERTISE CAN BENEFIT OTHERS!

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