Christmas Gifts for Police Officers

Posted by Extreme Tactical Dynamics on Jun 29th 2019

Light the way for YOUR Hero!

Each year the search is on for that one special Christmas present for your police officer spouse, and each year so many of the gifts are just the same. There’s a lot of personalized gifts out there from mugs to jewelry and T-shirts, but have you ever thought of buying a small, super bright, ‘personal’ light that easily fits into your spouse’s gear bag? When out on patrol, one of the most important things an officer always needs is LIGHT, light that not only illuminates the scene, but also clearly show drivers that an officer is doing his/her job so they should slow down and pull over. You’ll feel better knowing that no matter what vehicle your loved one is driving, he or she will have a lot of light with them to keep them safe and seen.

Take-Along Light

Extreme Tactical Dynamics has all kinds of police lights for the interior or exterior, and even some to be hidden away in tail lights and headlights. Some are mounted permanently, but the ones that will make perfect Christmas gifts are those that have power plugs that fit into the cigarette lighter outlet and are 13” or less long. They attach with suction cups, Velcro straps, or magnets which makes them easy and quick to install...READY FOR ACTION! They are perfect ‘TAKE-ALONG LIGHTS!’

ETD has 5 favorites, 4 interior and 1 exterior, that would make great ‘Take Along’ Christmas presents for the one you’re always thinking about. What better gift than one that “Lights the Way for YOUR Hero!


Sale Price: $129.96 FREE SHIPPING with this light!

The Eagle Eye is small, only 13” long, but ‘BOY!’ is it a GREAT LIGHT! It’s super bright, attaches with Velcro Straps, and has lots of options. The 9-Watt ‘Eagle Eye’ right in the middle is a powerful Takedown Light with its own ON/OFF switch which fully illuminates the vehicle that’s been pulled over, showing the officer who’s inside and what they’re doing. It has a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens the produces a highly focused beam with HI/LO, Slow Flash, and Strobe options.

In addition to the clear bright light in the center of the Eagle Eye, there are 8 more lights on the light bar, 4 lights per side each with 3-Watt LEDs. That’s 24 Watts (over 1600 Lumens)...and it has 26 Flash Patterns, or Steady ON which doesn’t flash at all. There are 4 solid colors or 2 split-color combinations to choose from on these popular visor strobe lights.

Still NOT Sure?

If you’re still not sure if this is the right gift, then check out these 2 videos. One shows how the Eagle Eye looks on the inside, mounted with straps and with the 3 easy-reach function buttons. The other shows how it performs and looks to those outside of the vehicle. These high-performance police visor lights are a great choice!


Under $50! Only $47.96 The MOST LIGHT for the Money!

The Stinger has 84 Generation III 1-Watt LEDs which produce 5,500 Lumens of phenomenally bright, focused light. It also fits on the visor with straps, so it’s quick and easy to install, ready to use in minutes. The controls are on the head of the power plug that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet and also in the middle of the light for easy access. It has a 9’ expandable power cord. Like the Eagle Eye, it’s also a perfect Undercover Light because it’s totally out of sight until the visor is pulled down and the light is turned on. It’s got 12 different flash patterns. There are 4 solid colors that you choose or 6 split-color combinations.

The ‘small’ Stinger TIR LED is a little over 12” long, just the size of a standard ruler, so it easily fits with the rest of the gear. It’s highly cost efficient, practical and an easy ‘Take Along.’


UNDER $100! Only $72.96 Versatile Interior Light Bar

Dash and Deck lights are made to fit on the interior of a vehicle, either attached to the windshield or back window with suction cups. The Enforcer 12 comes with an adjustable bracket for a customized tight fit and with a flashback shield so the light doesn’t bounce off the glass into the cabin of the vehicle. It has 12 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs that produce 36 Watts of SAE Class 1 extremely bright light….that’s over 2000 lumens! With 26 built-in patterns with pattern memory; the ‘12’ flashes just about any sequence you’d want or need from Single Split to Extreme Accelerator Flash Split. Of course, there is always ‘Steady ON’, too. Each LED shines through TIR lenses. Total Internal Reflection lenses are uniquely designed to bend each beam of light into a tight focal point, so an intense light is projected a long distance. There are 5 solid colors and 7 split-color combinations to choose from.

The Enforcer 12 is the largest light bar of the Enforcer Series, but it’s still under 14” long and is priced under $100, too! The ‘12’ plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet, has the control switches on the head for easy access, and it comes with a 9’ expandable power cord.

Still not sure? Take a look at the Mounting Options for the Enforcer Series. These interior light bars also attach to side windows, so no matter how the vehicle is parked, approaching motorists will be warned well in advance to slow down by the intense warning lights.



At just over 5” long the Enforcer 4 packs a whole lot of PUNCH! It’s got 4 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs; that’s 12 Watts for its size. The TIR lenses produce highly focused, intense light. That’s AMAZING! This light is so small it can be easily put into a jacket pocket...what a perfect ‘Take Along!’ Like its ‘big brother the Enforcer 12’ it comes with 26 flash patterns, pattern memory, and 12 color options to choose from: 5 solid and 7 split-color. It, too, is powered by plugging it into the cigarette lighter outlet. The ON/OFF switch and Flash Pattern button are on the head of the plug-in.

It has multiple interior placement options because of the bracket design...suction cups are mounted well to the sides and the light unit slides to exactly where you want it. The flashback shield is adjustable or removable.

You just can’t get a smaller ‘Take Along’ light with such phenomenally, bright light!


UNDER $100! - $99. 96 and FREE Shipping!

Why ‘Mighty Mini’? This little mini light bar is only 10.5” long, 7” wide and 2” high and has 24 Generation IV 3-Watt LEDs that shine from the roof of the vehicle in 360°! That’s 72 Watts or 5000 Lumens. MIND BLOWING! How can a light so so powerful? Once you get to the destination, plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet, jump out the vehicle, and ‘Pop IT ON’ the roof. It has 4 strong magnets to hold it in place. In less than a minute, your loved one will have all the light he/she needs to get the job done. The TIR lenses create highly visible, focused (SAE Class 1) beams which are the industry’s brightest; they can be seen for miles!

The entire light...lenses and made of almost indestructible polycarbonate; it’s shatter proof, doesn’t scratch, and the lenses stay clear and bright. The Pilot has a rubber gasket that seals it tight, meeting the highest rating, the IP-67 standard for particles and moisture. It has 8 flash patterns with pattern memory that come in your choice of 5 solid or 7 split-color combinations.

High-performance, excellent quality and durability; that’s the Pilot 11 mini led light bar!

ETD’s Products Meet the Highest Standards

All of these 5 police lights meet the strictest SAE and government standards, have the highest ratings, and come with full industry warranties. Our highly competent customer service department will gladly answer any of your questions about them because they just love to ‘Talk Lights’ with our customers! Buying a personal ‘Take Along’ light is a unique, basic tool to include with all the other equipment your ‘hero’ has. It’s a thoughtful, caring gift that will be well used throughout the whole year.

So...when your loved one is going off to work, besides telling him/her, “Honey, I Love you”’ll be adding…”Honey, did you remember to take your light?”

For more information about any other warning light bar, or even our police siren systems, check out the links below!

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